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  1. we dont need that Y stamp to locate the correct spot.
  2. the same rifle, what ever a SGL has your saiga can have the same, btw most of the newer saiga production have a non stepped barrel. also the arsenal has a ak-74 style brake not a actual zigzag
  3. oh i dident know the factory uses the same FA disconnector in saiga rifles
  4. well i will think about it if i have any major problems
  5. does not look to bad at all, would the ejector be the same? if i had an extra bolt i would do it.
  6. those brakes are chrome lined so its kind of a shame to dremal it down a bit but do what you need to
  7. thanks for the pics. i sure can see the differances in the bolts. i wonder if a 5.45 ak bolt can be machined open to accept a 7.62 round
  8. try to avoid any oil in the gas piston area. well since i dont clean my saiga, the way i clean the PSL GB is i spray some gun scrubber and blow air through the gas block hole with a compressor.
  9. An AKM carrier is higher than a 74 type or a 100 series like the saiga. It will not fit. I tried it with a few different AKM variants. I posted a few pictures of this in the past. The carrier arm will not slip into the 74 style rear sight block opening. i got a romanian akm carrier to fit in my saiga, it slid back and forth but the bolt will not go in, only the carrier.
  10. AKM bolt will not work! the shaft of the bolt is much thicker then a standard Saiga 7.62 bolt. so forget using a AKM bolt and carrier in a saiga
  11. congrats man it really looks great! now go shoot it
  12. just file the catch like mentioned above. nice deal on the siaga!
  13. i have 1 tapco mag to stay complient with the law and thats the only reason i have it. its an ok mag, it locks in nice and tight and no side to side wobble, mine feeds properly with no problems
  14. i made my own bullet guide (flat) and i had no problems with the stock mags.
  15. its a normal typical saiga, it is converted, you can tell by the old sporter plate holes. if your rifle had the dimples and an extra Y stamp then it would have been a rare one to own.
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