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  1. well if tapco will honor their lifetime warranty, then I should be replacing a whole bunch of them for free! I got one for testing. Let's see how much damage I can do. Any suggestions on magazine tests?
  2. I am also thinking of doing the same thing. Keeping the izshmash monte carlo stock and FCG in its current stock configuration. So in order to comply with 922®, Im thinking of getting all US made mags (tapco 30 round mags) which count as 3 parts and a us handguard which counts as 1 giving 4 US parts. File the mag catch and install a bullet guide to feed properly. That should bring the stock saiga foreign parts count down to 10. This would be the least expensive and lease amount of work to do. Tapco intrafuse handguard $50 Tapco mag $9 bullet guide = $25 Total about $85 Foregin parts: 1 buttstock 2 receiver 3 barrel 4 bolt 5 bolt carrier 6 front trunnion 7 gas piston 8 trigger 9 disconnetor 10 hammer
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