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  1. Its probably more advantageous to use the 20 rounders you are talking about, but if you do happen to have a 30 in the gun and have to do prone shooting, you can lay the gun almost flat and use the charging handle as an aiming device (or so says former Spetsnaz Sonny Puzikas).
  2. Fix pretty much confirmed. I went back to the range again this weekend, put another 60 rounds down range, flawless ejection. 120 out of 120, im calling it good. Thats my cousin in the video; i know better
  3. Alright, this mystery might be solved... maybe. I took the rifle out this past weekend and put 60 out of 60 down range, no problems. This was in stark contrast to the time I took it out previously, where it failed to eject 3 times in 40 rounds. Im hoping that its fixed now, after a shooting three boxes flawlessly, but only time will tell. Here is what I did: -I lightly sanded then polished the rails in the receiver. I did the same to the bottom of the bolt carrier, as well as the rail slots. -I cleaned out the bullet chamber on the gun (I had never done this before). I used a power dri
  4. Here is an update. I cleaned out the gas system as best I could. I got a paper clip and verified that the gas port in the barrel was open, and I could see the paper clip sticking out inside the barrel. I lubed all the rails, bolt, and bolt carrier, with Hoppes lubricating oil. I fired 120 rounds and had 1 FTE on the 81st round. I checked my rails after shooting they were still slightly moist, which means my lubrication had not burned off. I shot Uly white box FMJ 20 rounds, no problems. 80 rounds brown bear FMJ, and 20 rounds Wolf black box HP. The jam occurred with Brown Bear, so I have now r
  5. Ok, Ill try to respond to as many questions as possible. 1) When did you first notice this happening? Probably after I did the conversion. The FCG I put in was a Tapco G2 from Dinzag I believe that had the hammer pre shaved and polished (so no break in period, smooth off the bat). Before doing the conversion the Saiga ran nearly flawless with Surefire magazines or the factory 10 rounder. I would get the occasional hiccup (double feed)from Master Molder mags that I had modified (shaved mag tab). Shot at 2011-07-19 2) Does the bolt carrier slide back easily? Well, there is a some r
  6. Ive been having failure to eject problems with my converted Saiga 7.62, and im not sure what the problem is. I get one FTE every 40-60 rounds, with the partially ejected case being pinned between the bolt carrier and the receiver. It never double feeds or loads another round into the chamber, and it easily cleared by pulling the bolt to the rear, allowing the case to fall, and then releasing the bolt and charging another round. I know its hard to diagnose a gun problem over a forum, but I was curious if anyone knew of the most common reasons for failure to eject? (Stovepipe) Is it poss
  7. I bought 5 mags, one is too fat to fit in the gun, one is thin and wobbles, and the others are inbetween (one is just right). They seem to be in pretty good shape very little rust (only a spot or two). Will try to field test them this weekend.
  8. re: topic Thats what she said.
  9. Well according to General Westmoreland in his guide on partisan fighting, he said using AK-47s and SKSs as primary weapons was fine, but that you should be familiar with the M-16/M-4 because most likely, due to the large volume of these weapons in country, youll end up using one eventually.
  10. Just finished reading the article, dont know if I agree that US forces are out gunned in Afghanistan. I love my AK, but if I wanted to reach out and touch someone reliably, in the heat of combat, and at 300+ meters, id take an M4 any day of the week. I thought it was interesting that the army is going back to using M14's due to it being a 7.62 (.308). And what the deuce? They cancel the XM8 for production, but give the go ahead for this ? http://world.guns.ru/grenade/gl13-e.htm Oh, and a quick question, doesnt the Marine corps still use the standard M16 in combat? Full size ? (lo
  11. Save everyone the trouble. http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/05/25/army-outgunned-afghanistan/?test=latestnews
  12. Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but I basically re-purchased the same grip with different holes. So yeah basically what you said, its the same grip just with different holes.
  13. Ok, it is possible, but a pain in the ass. When you do the conversion you will notice that the holes in your pistol grip do not line up with the hole in your rifle. So, what I did was use the rearmost hole and attach the pistol grip to the old trigger slot using a spare nut and bolt I had laying around, with a washer to increase grab area. This option works, but I had reservations about it, since the grip had a little play in it to the left and right. In the end I threw down for a new pistol grip and bought a warsaw length buttstock. Ive read from other guys on here that you can dril
  14. 1) Yeah id recommend getting at the very least a bipod to sight your rifle in, but one of those caldwell vices would work nicely. 2) Good job on getting the sight adjustment tool, which hopefully after you have it sighted in, you will never need again. I found when adjusting my sight that the factory notch cut into my front sight post was almost where it needed to be, just a slight adjustment. My TAPCO tool came with instructions, so I followed those, which is basically; Raise the front sight, lower point of impact, lower front sight, raise point of impact. Move drum to the left, move shot
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