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  1. the mako looks nice, i'd like to know more about it as well. I have the Ace folding Mech with integrated AR15 interface, and it is first class, in all ways!
  2. Haifisch is German for Shark, and is also the name of a song by the baddest band on earth, RAMMSTEIN! While I'm not German, but descended from a Scottish Highland Clan with Celtic origins, I did have ancestors in this country who spoke German. WIR HALTEN ZUSAMMEN.......We hold together WIR HALTEN MITEINANDER....We put up with each other WIR HALTEN ZUEINANDER.....We stick together NIEMAND HALT UNS AUF......No one will slow us down
  3. I just got mine from carolina shooter supply a few days ago. They seem to be one of the only places with them that are not backorder. They shipped extremely fast too... If you have tools, time, skill and patience, you can pick up the HK sight parts at WWW.robertrtg.com for $52.50, and convert them yourself or you can just order everything you need from Carolina Shooters Supply for $84.95, and have them TIG'd on. And yes, CSS is very fast on delivery!
  4. UPDATE: cost of all parts necessary for the conversion ( that I have found ) STANDARD SELECTOR: $129 INVERTED SELECTOR: $274 If anyone knows of better prices, I'd appreciate hearing about it.
  5. Took your advice and studied the parts involved and their interaction and now have a firm grasp of the entire operation. No longer " clueless " but well informed! Thanks
  6. Sent my Robinson Arms .308 Vepr to Krebs Custom to have it converted to accept Saiga .308 Surefire mags. Marc deemed it to be an unsafe conversion, due to radical milling required on the front trunnion. I then asked about modifying the mags to fit the gun, and he said that wouldn't be a good idea either, due to the amount that would have to be removed from the mag bodies, leaving them weak and prone to possible failure. He said the best thing, would be to modify the rifle to accept Galil .308 mags, which would be a safe, clean and simple operation. New 25 round IWI Galil mags are availible rig
  7. Thank you for good info and pics. Much appreciated!
  8. Thank you for the info and pics, a great help!
  9. Exploring the idea of converting my Saigas to the left side Galil safety. All necessary Galil parts, grip and screw, left and right safety levers can be had from akpartskits.com for $104. Anyone done this conversion? Anything can be done, if you're willing to spend the money! I'm just interested to see if anyone has gone this way before, and has any words of wisdom. The safety operated with the shooting hand thumb, on the left side of the grip, just feels so right. My inquiring mind needs to know. Thanks
  10. Hello Tigerclaw: I have a Robinson Arms Vepr .308 that I sent to Krebs Custom for evaluation, to determine feasibility of modification to accept Saiga .308 Surefire mags. Upon examination, Marc said he was not comfortable with such a conversion, as it involved such extensive milling of the front trunnion, that it would leave it in a weakened condition. I then inquired about the possibility of converting the mags to fit the gun, and he said he would have to remove so much of the magazine body where it fits into the action, that it would make the magazine weak, unreliable and he wouldn't trust
  11. I have searched countless postings, but have been unable to find this info. I need to remove my S-12 barrel from the receiver for machine work, and my machine shop has never done this before. After removing the FCG, and driving out the barrel retention pin, what's the proper way to press the barrel out of the receiver without screwing anything up? It seems to me that a tool machined to the configuration of a 3" 12 gauge shell at the front, with a straight rod at the rear, extending beyond the rear of the receiver, for the press to act upon, should do the trick. What say you?
  12. No insult taken! I will complete the entire conversion, minus the barrel bob, then will submit paperwork, when that returns, , then the amputation will take place, by a proper professional. Thanks for your concern though.
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