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  1. Ok so I searched for a good while to find out how to install the adapter for the folding stock.. can't find any guides. Tried using a punch to knock the pin out but its not moving. Are there any guides on how to do it, or can someone tell me what to do? Also I need to reuse the parts in it as well.. I think the pin is flared out on that one though. Thanks
  2. I managed to order one, but it doesn't come with the small parts so I'm going to have to use the parts from the stock folder.. I've looked around but can't find any write ups.. is it pretty straight forward?
  3. Gah, if only I had waited.. oh well.. atleast I have a folder. Rus Surplus also had the AR15 adapter for sale for a day for 145$.. I managed to order one before they were out of stock. You could always call them and check, they got good customer service.. unlike Classic.
  4. I had to drill 2 holes, which I did.. everything lines up perfectly now. Did a basic conversion kit on it, looks pretty sweet compared to how the previous owner set it up (Had the pistol grip and collapsible stock but wasn't converted so it had a long gap between TG and mag release. Not really a fan of drilling into.. receivers.. One more thing though, these things dings up brass, i think it's caused by whenever it ejects, it hits the dust cover.. any way to relieve this since I plan on reloading? And yes, I know they're still useable.
  5. So I've ran into a problem where the hole to the trigger gaurd isnt lining up to the one on the receiver.. kinda stuck on it. Do I just buy dinzag's TG?
  6. Well, technically traded my clunker for it. In the process of converting it.. stuck at the tac welds and the rivet by mag release. Got the G2 FCG / Conversion kit from carolina shooter supply... Then I did research and found out Dinzag is the way to go cause I wont have to modify the hammer and such.. I was wondering, other than the dremelling a part of the hammer.. is there anything I got to watch out for? I converted a S12 and it seemed a lot easier than this.
  7. Shot it.. And it's alot easier than a stock saiga.. Will be bringing my jacket everytime I shoot this thing. Had 1 FTE.. Not sure what caused it, it's all stock. Maybe breaking in? Will be having a Burris Fastfire III mounted as optics though, I wanna keep this thing light, as for the cheek piece.. I hate that thing, first it got me on the side of the face, and so I tried using it, I don't find it comfortable at all. Wish I could just get an AK47 trunnion and install it on the vepr. I do love this gun though.. have a slight headache from the magnum loads I was shooting at the range lol.
  8. I heard it really kicked like a mule though. I want other people to be able to shoot comfortable. I'm sure it's nowhere as bad as it was with the Saiga 12 hard plastic stock. Shot about 30-40 2 3/4 - 3'' 00buck/slugs out of it and I was done. Think I may keep my S12.. Saw Cobra Custom's lightning bolt job, which helps with loading the mags in, that was one of my biggest problems, under competition/high stress situations. May have to send both bolts there.
  9. I saw that adapter, too bad its 200$, I wish I got it while they still had the wooden stocks, could've just thrown a pheonix kicklite stock on it and called it a day. I searched for hours, it looks like that adapter is the only route I got.
  10. So we'll have to take off the 4 screws to get to the gas block / puck? Hm..
  11. I do have a saiga 12 that'll eat anything I feed it, now I just ordered a VEPR 12 through centerfire system.. tried the classicfirearms website but my card kept getting declined, called my bank and they said it wasn't showing anything.. called classicfirearms and the customer service seemed to have a rude tone with me, but I still couldn't get through.. ordered 2 guns from ClassicFA before but never had this trouble, which bothered me.. guess I wont be getting that extra 5rd mag. ANYWAYS. I hope it gets here soon, better not have the canted sights / rail either. Not a fan of the stock, my S12
  12. I also tried blue loctite.. and it came loose. It was this powder texture whenever I took the bolt out
  13. So I shot 30 rounds of 00 buck, and my quad rail seems to be coming loose again. Seems to always happen whenever I shoot it for a bit. I do have the screw in pretty tight already.. Anyone have advice on how to solve this problem? I think it has to do with the heat and recoil making it come loose..
  14. The gun range here in Abilene TX are good about not upping the prices too bad. Rock River Arms AR15 for about.. 1300$.. Not as bad as 1800$ for a basic bushmaster.
  15. Only 1 piece survived... You should get that Chaos Porcupine so you can put it out there, for that nice, smokey flavor.
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