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  1. I found insulated foil tape at Lowe's in their heating and duct work section. Also I ground the spot welds off of the cover on the original gas tube. Careful Dremel work and a little paint and the grooves under the cover on the gas tube are exposed.
  2. That happens to be my handguard in the first pic. Also note that I removed the welded cover over the stock gas tube. What you don't see in the pic, is I lined the handguard with insulated aluminum foil. Some have stated that under high rates of fire, the stock handguard has been known to melt.
  3. When I was modifying my forearm, I placed a piece of insulated aluminum foil between it and the barrel. It's a little cost prohibitive for me to shoot a couple hundred rounds in a few minutes to test the concept, but I think the insulation will prevent any melting of the stock forearm (at least for my style of shooting).
  4. Is the "cutting and fitting" something the average Joe can do with hand tools, or is this a machine shop job?
  5. I used a drill press with a fence rail on the table to keep things square. Used masking tape to lay out where the holes were going. Used a Dremel to cut out the spaces between the holes and to taper the front. You can be as creative as you want, you just can't shorten the forearm because the tip locks it in place.

  6. Hi, I saw your pics of the modified lower fore end grip on your Saiga rifle with the vent holes and tapered end. I have been thinking about doing this and was wondering if you could give me any hints / instructions about the process you went through to make it look that nice. I love it!

  7. I free handed mine with my Dremel. But seeing the number of oops being reported here, you might want to give this a try. Find or make a felt polishing attachment that will slip over the mandrel of the cutter. Use that as a gauge and when it touches the shroud, call it quits for that part of the shroud. I'd work out the correct diameter of the gauge and grind it to size. I'd then open the center hole so it would spin on the mandrel. Remember this is only a help to prevent cutting too deep. Hell, I bet if someone had a lathe they could turn these out of plastic stock and sell 'em. If any
  8. Nalioth, your avatar shows an AK that's break-free. Do you have one on your go-to rifle?
  9. Geez, Post, I hope things go well for you. If you end up doing hard time, I'd suggest the Forum form a prison ministry unit. We'd take turns coming to visit you in the big house and read selected Forum threads for your enjoyment. We'd edit out Big Sal's comment so as to not anger you. Maybe if the volunteers became accredited ministers in this "church" we could take advantage of the tax breaks that are allowed to these guys. Always trying to be helpful.
  10. I was just reading about how bigoted regional viewpoints helped kindle the conflicts in Kosovo and Bosnia / Herzegovina. Sounds like Big Sal is attempting to spark Phase II of the "War of Northern Aggression." Big Sal, the Eyes of Texas are upon you. Don't mess with Texas.
  11. Post, was this pic taken in an old Texaco station in Cleveland?
  12. I'm thinking it's more likely attributable to the stress of starting the new school year. We old pharts are immune to this but those young dudes are susceptible. Stress has a way of bringing on anti-social reactions (kind of like the Jet Blue dude). I'm guessing in a few weeks the board should be back to normal.
  13. I was told the real world break-in process goes something like this: The truck hauling the crates of AKs pulls into the village. A crate is pushed off the truck and strikes the ground. The AKs and wood shards lie in the dirt. The local militia guy pulls one AK out of the debris. He racks back the action and looks at it. Presto, this AK is broke in and ready for use.
  14. Twenty years from now, when all those poly mags are brittle from the aerosol plasticizers leeching out, and not a single one of them will pass the famous fully loaded drop test, someone please remind Big Sal about all the sage advise he rejected on this day. I'd do it, but I'll be busy feeding worms at that time.
  15. I've always been a "have my cake and eat it too" kind of guy. The thought was to have a very reliable Russian crafted weapon, that at first glance looks like the AKs that we see in media clips of local militias with their goats grazing in the rocky background. I would never do anything that would negatively affect the function of the rifle. I would compare it to the guys in high school that put text book covers on inappropriate books so they could fearlessly read them in study hall. Never judge a book by its cover.
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