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  1. WTS a factory 10 rounds Saiga 223 mag. Its in great shape with no modifications. An Ishmash product. $15 shipped to CONUS Paypal gift prefered
  2. Looking to trade a factory 10 round saiga .223 mag is very good condition for 2, 30 round pmags in very good condition. Shipping would be a wash. Thanks
  3. And to think I just sold a 20 inch .223 for $425 locally to fund another build. I am going to heaven
  4. Rumor over on the .223 page is that a boat was on its way from Russia and they should be popping up in December. It was from a well know vendor so info seems legitimate.
  5. For Sale: 1 factory Saiga 223 Mag with built in bullet guide (10 round). Pic is not of actual mag. $20 shipped. PP ok Thanks
  6. WTS Saiga 223. ***SOLD*** This is a 2009 model with mag well dimples and standard AKM barrel diameter. Less than 500 rounds down the pipe. This rifle has a bullet guide and is capable of accepting standard capacity 5.56 AK mags. Included with this package is two Bulgarian Circle 10 "smoke" thirty round mags and two factory Saiga mags modified to be used with a bullet guide. Nothing but a perfection. No mods to the rifle other than basic conversion and bullet guide i.e. intridiction tab intact and trunnion untouched. *This is an RRA model with NO "velcro patch" etching $625 OBO Shipped - discreet PP Gift SPF If your FFL doesnt accept from non-FFL I will eat the transfer cost on my side. Need to fund some things at home. **Cross Posted** Upgrades include: US Tapco G2 single hook fire control group Dinzag Arms Bullet guide Dinzag Arms Trigger guard US K-Var Warsaw length stock with trap door US Pistol grip Soviet surplus sling Also included original box, paper work, cleaning kit, cleaning rod and unused oil bottle.
  7. I have 5 black bulgy cirlce 10's ***SOLD I have 1 factory 10 rounder for $20 shipped I have a 1 laminated warsaw length stock with working trap door for $25 shipped.***SPF I have 2 factory Glock 21 mags. Both in excelent condition with little use at all. $40 shipped for both.***SPF Alll shipments to CONUS. Please know your local state laws and dont buy if you cant own it! Payment via Paypal gift. Time stamp gets it!
  8. That's all I runs also. Well i also have some modified facotory 10 rounders. No problems in my 09.
  9. Just curious where your getting this information. It would seem that Arsenal would be subject to the same importation restrictions as all other US manufactures. It was my understanding they Arsenal Las Vegas was purchasing sporterized Saigas and then doing the deed. Interesting post!
  10. They look good and and lock up tight. Thanks LT!
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