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  1. getboth

    Vepr 12 SBS

    I would be surprised if any of the stamps have come back yet.
  2. getboth

    SAM7K SBR or not to SBR

    We need to petition bonesteel arms to come up wirh a good solution for a folding buttstock for the sam7k.
  3. getboth

    Bonesteel Left folding M4 stock - Sweet

    Looks sweet, definitely gonna get one.
  4. getboth

    Just got the Vepr 12 and the hood rail is off kant

    What the hell is a hood?
  5. getboth

    Bonesteel Left folding M4 stock - Sweet

  6. Sorry to hear that youre going through bull shit because of the lame ass shooting excuse. When you said it was getting certified i thought you meant it was getting certified for US import.
  7. Z_Felix thanks for the updates, keep us posted. Who is importing them? Wolf?
  8. getboth

    Barrel shrouds for the VEPR 12 yet?

    Do they have an attached muzzle brake or flash suppresor? What is the function other than pissing off liberals?
  9. getboth

    SVDS sidefolder on VEPR 12?

    Obi, why dont you make a folder for removed tangs?
  10. getboth

    The Inflated VEPR-12

    Didnt a U.S. manufacturer get butthurt to because the russians made something similar to their product. Lol.
  11. getboth

    Well this may be it.

    I didnt even know there was a punch in the box. I have 2 as well so make 994 to go.
  12. getboth

    Missing 5 rd factory mag

    Atlantic has offered nothing but the best in customer service.
  13. getboth

    free vepr 12 mag

    I received mine from atlantic. Sgm send me one and atlantic send me the other. The second mag did take a few emails, but atlantic came through. I am owed a mag grom wolf srms though. They promised me a mag to reimburse my shipping for warranty work and i haven't received anything. They dont answer phone or emails.
  14. getboth

    Vepr 12 - In Stock!!!

    I dont think atlantic took pre orders for this batch. They meant to say that the vepr 12 will be shipped to them on jan 9-11, and then put them up for sale. I could be wrong but im pretty sure thats what they meant.
  15. getboth

    New Vepr12 Internal block

    Why dont you offer an internal block with side folding stock hinge? Maybe a pig nose for ar gas tube or something. This forum surprises me with stuff you guys come up with, but im surprised no one has a decent foldable rear block/ trunion.