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    Additional Internal Polishing

    So I was looking at my bolt in bad light. I thought I saw a split roll pin on one side of the pin holes and a plug on the other end. It was just where they machined the holes I guess. I have my bolt apart now. I the smallest punch I had was 3/32 just a tad too big. So I had to use one of Girl Friend's nipple bar-bells! It was just the right size. 14ga I think... Reosed
  2. Reosed

    Additional Internal Polishing

    How do you take the bolt apart? I'd like to polish the whole thing but I don't want to start driving the pins out the wrong way. Plus it looks like there is a plug of some sort on one side of the pins holding the bolt together. I really appreciate the pictures. I had polished my bolt but it still has the numbers and the triangular portion on the larger portion of the bolt. Although they are mirrored up, I'd like to take more off now that I have a clear picture of how much is good to take off. Thanks again! Reosed
  3. Reosed

    first saiga... bolt issue question

    I'd like to know about the extractor tuning as well. Nothing really came up in the search other than rounding down where the extractor goes onto the barrel. Well just knocking the corners off of that area, not taking off much metal. Is there any thing else one can do to it? I'd like mine to cycle by hand with out stopping.
  4. Reosed

    "Extractor Slot Fix"

    So Mike, what are the other mods? I've tried searching but I don't see any thing. Maybe you can point me to the right thread or even the name of the mods? Thanks
  5. Reosed

    Well, they worked!

    Let me know if it speeds you up any. I'm sure it will. Make the hole just big enough for the hull to fit through. The rim should be catching on the side of the hole. I clamped down a block on a work table and hold the shell/jig next to it. That way I'm not trying to hold the shell in place while I'm cutting. Like I said I'll get some pics of the jig. Just won't be until this weekend. Make one and lets compare.
  6. Reosed

    Well, they worked!

    I'll get some pics of the jig this weekend. It's just a 2X4 that I put a 5/8"(I think it's 5/8") hole in sideways and trimmed down on the table saw until just the edge of the shell sticks out. Put it on a wood surface, put a shell in, cut with a large knife, once you are through the shell's crimp make sure you hold the knife next to the shell's hull or the shot will pour out and make a mess. I dump the shot while the shell is still in the jig. It's really some thing that you could do with out pics as it's just a hole in a board Good luck!
  7. Reosed

    Well, they worked!

    I made a jig out of wood and use an old kitchen straight edge knife to cut the shells at the same spot(or pretty close) every time. Much faster than a razor blade and tape as you can really bear down on it and use a longer sawing stroke. Dump the lead shot into the pot and move the shell to the other side of the pot. I do all of the shells like this before I move to the next step. Make the slugs and dump into water. Load them all up into the shells and roll crimp them. I can do the 100 in less than a hour if I use WW precast slugs. Never really timed it. As for the smelly powder, I can't smell to save my life. I can't even smell my smoker cooking pork butt for 12 hours. It's a good thing I can taste!
  8. Reosed

    Cleaning & Restoring Metal Mags

    I built an Electrolytic De-ruster. It's really easy. Here are the instructions I used. http://www.instructables.com/id/Electrolytic-Rust-Removal-aka-Magic I removed the rust off a lot of my Great Grandfather's tools that had been pasted down to me. These tool had been in a humid Dallas garage for the last 2 generations. If not for the pitting, they would look brand new. I also used this on some ruger mini-14 mags that had some rust on them. It took the paint off too. Now I'm out of rusty items.