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  1. desired result=collapsible stock http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/css-ak-tube.htm This was my choice for a collapsible stock. Easy to put on and rock solid.
  2. I opted to use the CSS ar vented handguard for my rifle. Sturdy all aluminum construction. Lightweight. Plus you can add rails where you choose. Here's s few pics to help.
  3. CSS Ar vented handguard-lightweight, strong, lots of space to put rails if needed. My personal favorite. SGM quad rail handguard- pretty sturdy. I liked it. The stock handguard works great to. Always bolt a rail on it. Theres some nice vepr wood handguards floating around also. Last picture is not my rifle.
  4. Yes i installed lock tite(Blue) to all my hardware on my firearms. The problem is the barrel clamp slides on the barrel when the bolt carrier group is in action. The product looks sexy and all but without a screw holding it to the reviever it just creeps forward. Trust me I tried. I even bolted a piece of metal to the wood handguard that would catch on the little tabs on the barrel of a stock saiga rifle. I even filed and sanded the back of the handguard to allow more of the wood tab to stick into the reciever in hope i could put a screw in it to hold the handguard in place. But i had no such
  5. The Handguard is very nice..BUT it would not stay put. Every time i shot the rifle it would creep forward. I tightened the barrel clamp down as tight as i felt comfortable with. Long story short, it no longer is on my rifle.. ;( I would recommend doing the full conversion to your rifle. Don't rely on a Magazine to be 922r complaint.
  6. Aim surplus. Best place to get mags if there available.... http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=MAK47R30&name=Russian+30rd+Steel+AK47+Rifle+7.62x39+Magazine&groupid=64
  7. can we get a weight on this build? The Handguard weighs 10oz. Fairly light for being very well built. I'll see if i can get a full weight of my rifle sometime this week.
  8. Get rid of that quad rail!!! wood is a very nice choice too. I prefer this combo.
  9. dsmtsi23


    Aimsurplus has deals for 7.62x39 right now
  10. I would install a Bullet Guide and use Combloc surplus steel mags. Aim still has them in stock and there prices are hard to beat for true russian military mags. Mine just showed up last week and were all unissued new magazines in great condition. Good Luck http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=MAK47R30&name=Russian+30rd+Steel+AK47+7.62x39+Magazine&groupid=15 http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=MAK47I30
  11. I dont believe its common for these rifle to jam..EVER. I never had one issue with my saiga rifle before and after conversion??? Should eat all steel case ammo hollow point or not. Maybe something is wrong with the mag. Please post pics of your mag loaded with the hollow points and standard FMJ if possible. Its possible the ammo or mag is out of spec.. that could be causing these issues.
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