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  1. Pretty sure bigsnoz asked for an opinion. And many of you that watch reality tv even call it "CRAP." I have seen their guns first hand, I lived in Louisiana for several years and they turned me on to Saiga 12's, but after their TV show their prices went up and their quality has not, while TROMIX has always been the STANDARD. I'm not here to argue this, I convert all of my own, but don't sell them online. I wonder if you realized how backwards it is to comment on my double speak while saying that tv is undoubtedly fake and then say that tv cannot be faked. My apologies come from my gratitude to RedJacket for bringing the Saiga 12 to a national audience. I think there are better Saigas to be had from other business members here and that is what I hoped to convey. BIGSNOZ if you want a russian (looking) one that is as russian as it gets get a 030, there should only ever be like 207 of hem in the United States. If you want an Americian one call Tony at Tromix and get a SBS. If after getting that you are still loaded down with cash, get a silencer for the thing. At that point your best bet is REDJACKET
  2. If you like drum magazines, MD arms from carolina shooter supply are the way to go. There are no other options when it comes to drum magazines. Regular magazines ? I have had bad experience with surefire and promag, and no other experience. From there use your imagination and build one yourself. If you can't build one yourself, besides the names I would call you, nothing is wrong with any of the conversions you can find on the sponsors of this site, especially Tromix. If there are any of the 030's left, ya, that would be the ultimate in collectable Saiga 12's here in the USA. Oh and pardon me but screw reality tv and REDJACKET. I apologize for my remarks towards a business member, but screw reality tv, and dude, if you watch reality tv, screw you get a life.
  3. Knocked the fuck out! He almost knocked the muslim clean out of him.
  4. NO! I confront the ass holes and have no problem saying that, "I was staring at a genetically disfigured nuclear test subject that must need to be reminded of how this hole survival of the fittest thing works," when prompted with the question "what are you lookin' at asshole." This has worked well for me except for the stabbing I received after breaking the guys jaw from the little guy he was with who luckily gave me the legal reason for breaking the guys jaw with the stab. I'm fine now, I hear he still talks funny. Self Defense is trying to remove those kind of fuckers from the planet keeping the people who never thought about self defense safe. You can ony try to rape girls in my home town so many times before you find out what an LCP or aTaurus Judge is.
  5. Pardon my ignorance but isn't that an AOW or something? I can't quite place it but I thought it was some kind of ATF problem.
  6. you can cover that thing up or just hack off the leg, but poo pile girl is much worse
  7. All I want or Christmas is my double stack. PLEASE!?!
  8. If you can weld, weld a wire cutter with a guide on the front like a helicopter has. Wires have been used to disable vehicles in more than one war. Going 40 miles an hour you cannot see a wire at night, one thick enough to cut the top of a vehicle off, thereby disabling everyone inside, or decapitating, would for a light weight vehicle be only 1/2 inches thick braided steel cable stretched very tight between two anchors. Where do you live that you need a license to pull wrenches?
  9. Documents: ATF used "Fast and Furious" to make the case for gun regulations Read this Saiga 12 forum. Who is calling me paranoid now?
  10. But using non-atomic fire is ok? What fucking country do you live in? Cause the one I'm in will kill it's own citizens with remote control air planes by shooting missiles at them. The country I live in will test STD's on Guatemalans (don't believe me, google "us gives guatemala std"), and kills a hundred thousand civilians in a war on terror (remember this hole Iraq and Afghanistan thing, the people we are fighting over there don't know what the twin towers are of what 9-11 is, they know we are in their country telling them what to do and killing their uncle, nephew, brother, father, mother, son, daughter, etc). The country that I live in kills civilians every day and doesn't need a special bomb. Oh ya and by the way, to my grandfather, RESPECT. Japan was only bombed after they said that there was no magical bomb on the shortwave radio to their troops in defense of their island. Then we dropped one. Then Japan said to the world that the city we dropped the bomb on was already bombed and it looked like we had fire bombed the city. Japan said, "Go fuck yourself." --Now I think it is appropriate to say, I don't think you are ignorant, I have never met you (the royal you, whoever reads this) but i'm breaking this down Barney style so no one is confused.-- So the United States told them to use a radiation meter on the next city and dropped another one where people from other cities would see the blast. We told them we could do this all day and we had hundreds of these bombs. That was a fib. Never the less, the Japanese used a geiger counter and halted the war with the promise to surrender. This leaves out all the stuff the Marine Corps did to them, all the battles our Navy won, all the people we had and they didn't, and all the materials we had and they didn't, and all the victories we were having in the european theatre.
  11. Rand Paul is not talking about the bill's language but the defining features of a terrorist as per the Department of Homeland Security. This is concerning because "terrorists" are the ones without rights, but who knows what a terrorist is. If a terrorist is someone who uses fear to further their cause then who the fuck are we as citizens of the United States?
  12. Crazy-ass fruit loop, dude was lost in the sauce and did not even know what flavor it was. He went for the gun after he was shot the first time! At least he was dedicated. Great job LEO's and all that, gotta mention I was impressed by that too. Did anyone see that "assault weapon" the reporter kept mentioning? I kept looking for an "assault weapon" but I only saw a silly Kel Tek rifle or some such thing.
  13. I do. No. I do not own a single Saiga, nor do I have in excess of 200 rounds of ammunition per firearm that I do own. What can I say to a member of the SAIGA 12 Forum who doesn't own a Saiga? Welcome to the Saiga forum newbie.
  14. Scott Kenny -DO swear to tell the truth, the hole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you GOD? -Well in that case is it true that on the 1st of December, 2011 you did have more than 7 days of food in your house? -Yes? Well then in that case did you also have two Saigas and a handgun with more than 200 rounds of ammunition each? -Yes? Pardon me if I press further but have you ever served in the military? -That is it, we do not have to continue the trial, Your Honor, I move we hold the suspect as a Terrorist until the DHS sees fit to investigate further. -Thank you Your Honor. DON'T BELIEVE ME THEN? What is the National Defense Authorization Act, S. 1867. Section 1031 ASLEEP MUCH SCOTTY OSheeple My Daughter is smarter than you are!! CAN'T TRUST EM DEMOCRAT REPUBLICAN BOTH LIARS LIARS LIARS
  15. All right I can't take it anymore!!!! I NEED DOUBLE STACK. Who wants my freaking money!!??!!?? have you thought of the cost implications of aluminum? I think it might be better to used stamped steel or plastic, but I'm not an engineer.
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