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  1. Hornet sting is the closest thing to being tased I've ever experienced!
  2. I live in a steel shop building so I get legions of fly. Bought my Bug-A-Salt at the local Cabelas last year. I don't get good results over 18 inches or so on Idaho flies, but it seriously F's em up at close range. Much preferred over the swatter!
  3. I'm happy to see this because I jumped on 1K rounds of this from SGammo.
  4. Nice vid, but I guarantee she wasn't doing those carrier ops. Air Force pilots don't do what Naval Aviators do.
  5. I'm an Appleseed instructor and went through a spell of building up several "Liberty Training Rifles" mostly based on Ruger 10/22s. The LTR needs to shoot 1/4 MOA pretty consistently and I was surprised at how much accuracy varies in each individual rifle ammo brand to brand. Eley match may shoot lights out in one rifle and shotgun out of another. CCI minimags are pretty consistent, but will vary rifle to rifle. You just have to find what your gun likes and try to find and stock up (pretty frustrating these days)!
  6. Christmas 1960. 8 years old, an Ithaca m66 supersingle .410 shotgun. Still have it.
  7. I have no personal experience, but my Class III sells them and was always very positive about them and their quality whenever he spoke of them.
  8. Very much coolness. It got so good to me yesterday that I pulled it out again today as soon as I walked in the door after work and popped off another 15 rounds (it's good to have a 25 yard range right out your back door!)
  9. Do it bubba! You can always get some more .22lr. What you can't get is the missed time to have fun with something that you loved enough to hang onto since 1969. If I have a chance to shoot with one of my kids I don't pass it up. Ammo can be replaced but shooting time with them is precious to me. Done! I dug it out of the safe, loaded up 15 Federal bulk hollow points and shot it out the back door on my 25 yard back yard range! I forgot how crisp the plastic trigger was (for what it is) and it cycled through them like the first time I fired it at 17! Nice little gun. Thanks for the proddi
  10. I've got a Mohawk Brown Nylon-66 in the safe that I bought in 1969. I haven't shot it in decades, reading all this thread makes want to get it out and run a couple of mag tubes full of scarce 22LR through it!
  11. did you mail those in or were they by eforms? Mailed in. E-forms are only for trusts and individual applications are hard-copy only.
  12. I just picked up my AAC mini-4 and SWR Octane 45HD and their stamps yesterday. Individual paper Form 4s submitted on Jan. 31st, stamps in 6-1/2 months. My last two individual paper Form 4s took 10-1/2 months, submitted Feb. last year and stamps returned in Dec., so the process is improving! Now to get a couple of Form 1s into the mill!
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