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  1. Made in Russia, Imported by EAA, less than 500 Rds through. I have the following installed. https://saiga-12.com/proddetail.asp?prod=DE_FOLDING_KIT_01 http://www.ultimak.com/M11-s.htm https://www.mississippiautoarms.com/poly-choke-ii-saiga-ddi-vepr-12-shotguns-poly-choke Coating I did from Duracoat.
  2. BUIS. Red dots, I have, but looking for irons as back up. I have a tower F/S but I could never get it to line up right and gave up.
  3. I'm guessin' I need low profile. Anyone recommend sights? I have this rail. http://www.marxmanarms.com/product/ultimak-saiga-shotgun-optic-mount-adjustable-rib-models/
  4. Well I sent the F/S back to Mr. Krebbs and they sent a brand new replacement. I must sell it. Can anyone suggest a asking price?
  5. You're talking about this thing right? Are you asking for the barrel diameter? Mine measures 0.885" just behind where its mounted. There should be more than enough play to allow for a 0.004" size difference, I can't imagine why yours did not fit. What screws did you strip, the ones on the bottom? Are they not long enough to engage or something? Did Krebs tell you why it would not fit? Confused. Yes, that's the one. When I tried to tighten, F/S would still move. After talking to Mr. Krebs I tried to tighten some more, and stripped the female end of threads. I've been emailing t
  6. Anyone know what the diameter of the EAA import Saiga 12 should be? I tried and stripped the threads on the Krebs Custom combat front sight. And am trying to work it out with Mr. Krebs at present. My best measurements .886 to .889. Mr. Krebs said their sight won't fit. And has offered to replace. But if it's not going to fit, WTF?
  7. If I "close down" too much could that be an issue?
  8. Thanks! Buck shot the same?
  9. Anyone help with Polychoke Flash settings? I've tried emailing them and Mr. Martin chooses not to bother. Slugs and buckshot. Is there ONE setting for both? I don't want to screw anything up. Any help appreciated!
  10. No not ground down. I removed rib yesterday. Any sights that will thread in front stud's place? Anything I can do for the rear? Thanks!!
  11. I have a early EAA import Saiga 12. Any sight suggestion? And how do I remove what I have. See crappy pics. I 'm thinking The rear will drift off and the front unscrews? How do I unscrew without trashing the threads? Thanks!
  12. Thanks! Lead is in barrel closest to the breach side. From Winchester Mil. Buckshot.
  13. How do I tell if mine is staked or will unscrew?
  14. I'm having a heck of a time removing lead from my Saiga 12. Even bought a Lewis Lead removing kit. http://www.brownells.com/gun-cleaning-chemicals/patches-mops/lead-remover/lewis-lead-remover-for-rifles-shotguns-12-gauge-shotgun-kit-sku516-102-001-20823-46166.aspx Any tricks to this? 50/50 white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide is supposed to be good but I've never tried.
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