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  1. Anyone want to post me up a good side profile of a shotgun hammer? I remember my s12 hammer being different then the tapco and grinding it to the same profile. Trying to reduce some drag
  2. I'm so in on any drum like that Mike. I love my lil 12 rounders unfortunately both the ones I have now seem to have too much spring pressure when full, i have to shove the bolt forward to even chamber the first one
  3. Wow wish I would have seen this before I bought the spets at least these guys would answer the phone or reply to an email
  4. Which red dot and how are you mounting it? Been looking for options and haven't really found anything too cool yet
  5. I second the css 10 rounders. The small promag drum is okish but the css mags are a world of greatness
  6. Its definitely folded up right at the trunion right there. Camming lug shows slight impact, bottom shell guide on the bolt opposite the extractor is looking beat on each side.
  7. Something dosent seem to be fitting right, front part of the bolt is getting pretty beat up and the bolt pin is bent
  8. I have a dph plug in it right now, ran 100 rounds though it today and I could get it out, the knurling on the dph is almost 3 times as high as the I'm guessing lynx plug. It's the pin not straight in the gas block that hangs it up. During my full teardown today I also noticed my gas block is off of a different gun. Evey other part is stamped 935 then the gas block is stamped 944
  9. I always use high temp antisieze, grabbed a dph for the moment. Will probably go auto plug at some point once I get the rest of the gun worked over
  10. Ah gotcha my last one was wayyyy earlier so that's why I remember it being short. Thank you
  11. Wow not only did you find it you found it cheap. Barrel should be m22x.75 correct? Might as well grab the tap and die for that too from the same place.
  12. It looks like it is at an angle. Kind of a redneck test but putting in the plug a couple a couple times when clean it looks like the lead thread on the gas plug gets folded over a tiny bit so I'm guessing its hitting the pin as it goes all the way in. New gas plug and a bit of thread chasing should fix it. After 300 slugs on position 1 (150 each range visit) gun is running ok but won't feed more then 5 rounds out of a magazine and dosent like the drums at all. Position 2 felt over gassed with same slugs. Guessing to much drag with mag tension. Dont want to smooth anything out till I
  13. I dont remember my last one being set back this far and it seems to have a wave in it from being set back?
  14. Kinda looks like my gas block threads may be a bit jacked, anyone know the size?
  15. After slot of effort and twice in the ultrasonic I finally got it off.
  16. Anyone else with a spets having problems with screwing a muzzle device on? Ordered a 10 slot choke adaptor and jam nut and neither go on more then a thread. The gas adjustor it came with has no spot for a tool and the knurling is garbage
  17. Just put 150 slugs through mine today, nothing broke but the gas adjuster is going in the garbage. Not as bad as I thought it would be with the brace.
  18. I might I really haven't decided yet. We are having the insurance quoted both ways cause I was told it will go up substantially. It all depends on how much time I have once it gets rolling truthfully. I have the sinking feeling that my time will be pretty much chewed up with just checking out trade ins and answering customer questions. If thats the case we will hire someone
  19. We had thought about that but epa regs and insurance skyrockets. There is a possibility that in the future if we do well then we could add a firing range. One of his companies owns most of the property around it and is thinking of buying more so even a full range could happen. We figure we are already going just a lil big and dont want to go to far. I wanted to start out a lil simpler but its hard to tell someone no when they are footing the bill.
  20. Im not going to be really stocking my elephant guns. I have a strong suspicion that the 6 or so I build a year will end up coming home with me its just the fact that I will have access to all the equipment and parts. So far we will have ar's, ak's, glocks, rugers, kimbers and such. Where I am you cannot hunt with any semiautomatic rifles so we will have to have a good selection of bolt actions and single shots. Im thinking howa and cz with some rugers and rem thrown in. Im going to put my mrad in a display case cause it wasn't near a cool as I thought it would be. Lots of ammo from cheap to ni
  21. He kicked in a lot of capital. He will be footing the bill for everything out of pocket including the ridiculous inventory he has planned. As he put it "its cheaper then some of the cars I have". He normally loses more then this on dumb cars and watches in a year then so hes just looking at it as something to say he owns. That dosent mean it will flop from lack of effort, he has 5 companies he has started from scratch that are now multinational. He even started a successful one in china and thats a feat considering he dosent speak the language. Im in it because I know far more then he does abo
  22. Well ladies and gentlemen I am starting a gunstore apparently. No im not advertising here or anything atm I wont even give the name out yet. This all came about with a off hand remark at a family gathering that owning a gun store seems fun and my uncle overhead and offered me a building and Capitol to start it for 50% of the company. He owns a multinational company and always thought about owning on so off we go. He will hire management and staff all I have to do is pick what I want in it and show up. So on to the questions. Do you guys think 600 guns is enough inventory? Should we do gun sh
  23. And right there will become your favorite place. Best customer service ever.
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