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  1. I know that some serious hunters here in Iceland who have hunt for decades have begun to use this sight. they would not do so without reason. This sight cost 950 us$ here.
  2. What where you doing with the gun there ?
  3. Im a litle curious about your metith. Last 35 years i have ben hunting gees with just one arm. I got my both arms but im paralyst and I need my left arm to turn to get some shooting radius. If i shoot long to the right the stock sometimes slip from my sholder to my neck. I dont remember it but i have seen it in a video it can give me bad beating. I have hunted over 2.000 gees this way but it have never crossed my mind to fasten the gun on my sholder. Can you show some deatail pic. how you do this? I dont take my S-12 superweapon hunting but i will post some pictures of my modified hunt
  4. Many years ago i custom made a grip on a gun for my quad frend. For security reasons he coud fasten his hand on the grip.
  5. Congrats Doug and Robert. I like your ideas and the quality of your work. Use most of your parts.
  6. Got 3 gees in 3 shots last sunday night. This is my comeback. This is what i needed the most.

    1. Lone Star Arms

      Lone Star Arms

      Congrats on the gold medals, Iceman. Well done!!!

    2. Cobra 76 two
  7. Some time a orginal Saiga 12 will be a rare collector's item in America. :-)
  8. It look like you got good colection of girls Floyd :-)
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