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  1. retrocon

    Saiga-12 In The Movie "Gun"

    I dunno, movies and TV don't "create" the anti-gun bias, but they are certainly tools used by the left to stupify the public. After a movie or two associating S12s to gangsta's, the new media will have clips available if any outcry comes in about ATF deciding to stop import. Glocks got some of their stigma about being able to "pass through metal detectors" undetected from TV and movies. Personally, i want to see the protagonist using the weapons, not the gang bangers selling them. When it's the weapon of the antagonist, it can become propaganda that will come back to haunt us. Recently saw on a TV crime drama, someone said "those 50's (referring to a bolt action rifle) are used by terrorists to shoot down commercial flights." Right...
  2. retrocon

    State of The Saiga 12 Address

    Been researching this and decided to contact RAAC... Clyde said, and i'll paraphrase ... The 12 gage version is under review by the ATF. Announcement from them is expected May 1st. Possibly another Obama "regulatory" action. Anyone have a confirmation?
  3. retrocon

    My 7.62x39 conversion

    Great job! I really like the K-Var stocks. I'm doing S12s, but want to try a 7.62 conversion next, this had some useful info for me, thanks! But i think i still need to some research on the forum, since "filing down the gas tube" is a new one to me. I've done a couple things with Duracoat now... not advertising for them, mind you... but so far, they are holding up ok to my improvised scratch and chemicals tests (basic cleaning stuff). Still haven't range tested the coating on the shotgun. Used it over others because i don't have an oven big enough to bake a Saiga ;-) (and liked the color variety) When you do it, though, the advice i've read the most (and with which i took a lot of care) was surface prep... get it reeeeeally clean, sandblast or sand if possible, but watch out for messing up the nice russian lettering on the sides.
  4. retrocon

    build 2 - a little different...

    Thanks, dude! The problem is, I'm actually enjoying the conversion/rebuilding process as much as the shooting... unfortunately, it's cheaper to go out shooting every weekend than build another one ;-)
  5. retrocon

    Build 2 - reused trigger guard and paint

    Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks, we'll have a write up of the adventures in B1 and B2... With all the excellent instructions on this forum, i doubt i have much to add, but we took a lot of pictures, and don't want to waste them ;-)
  6. retrocon

    No, not an S12, just paint practice...

    Kevin, thanks! No, didn't use a real snakeskin exactly... i used some of the little ladies fishnet stockings ;-) Instead of using the usual symmetric type, i used the ones with a variable pattern. While the top look ok, the sides look kind of like grandma's doily's. For the colors and all, well, I have to rid the yard of about one rattler a year, so i've skinned my share of them. While i didn't try to mimic the real thing, i did try to get "feel" for the colors and variation in the scales.
  7. retrocon

    No, not an S12, just paint practice...

    I did see a couple of articles in my research about stripping duracoat, but being the handy man at home, i've discovered that stripping is one of the few jobs around the house that I absolutely hate doing! I'm going for long term on this russian ladies! ;-)
  8. retrocon

    From a newbies garage

    If i can do it, anyone can! My first couple of S12s, and some paint schemes with which i am experimenting.
  9. retrocon

    No, not an S12, just paint practice...

    I know, snakeskin is really a matter of taste. Yeah, as soon as i see how the duracoat holds up, i'll see if i can reproduce this for her... it was the best of my experiments. I'm a little concerned about getting the fishnet "fitted" to the curves in the S-12 receiver cover... i got washout on mine, but the colors were so subdued, you don't notice. thanks!
  10. retrocon

    What to play a game? Part 4

    KISS principle... 1234