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  1. 20nickels

    Compensating chokes?

    I can't watch the vids, buggy internet, but I'll take your word for it that these brakes work. Anybody running these will be using a straight cylinder bore though. Some constriction would be nice... I've taken into account also that I'm using AA 1350 fps in a standard length barrel. If anything will work a Kicks comp, this will. I would have to consider signifigant costs vs. benefits to change setups. Goods replies.
  2. 20nickels

    Compensating chokes?

    I think I'll pass after reading this about porting. Chuck Hawks; http://www.chuckhawks.com/shotgun_recoil.htm "This one has little basis, as there is so little gas pressure left in 12,000 PSI MAP (SAAMI maximum pressure) loads by the time the gas hits the ports that it can't do much of anything. The recoil reduction is minimal. Perhaps even sillier are ported choke tubes, which have even less pressure to work with. Drill enough holes in a perfectly good barrel, you will actually increase free recoil by a tiny amount, as you gun weighs a bit less. Super-large extended choke tubes can also weigh a lot more than factory flush-mount tubes, and if they weigh enough they will reduce free recoil by our "one-to-one" ratio. Is it time to bring back the Cutts Compensator so we can all go deaf together? Porting as a significant recoil reduction method is just full of holes."
  3. 20nickels

    Compensating chokes?

    Hi Gun Fun, There are a fair amount of turkey chokes that are vented/ported but few (maybe one, the Kick's) that have a modified constriction. I suppose I could ask around if the turkey chokes of similair design reduce recoil these should too. The recoil isn't bad, I'm just looking to gain an edge.
  4. I'm using a modified choke with Cobra's adapter and it works well but is there anything out there that compensates or effectively reduces recoil as well? Maybe this? http://www.basspro.com/Kicks-High-Flyer-Choke-Tubes/product/56326/# Open to suggestions, Tks ahead.
  5. 20nickels

    Saiga 12 Optics

    Aimpoint CompM3 on RS regulate side mount.
  6. Can't wait till my playground gets one!
  7. 20nickels

    Vepr Accuracy

    Did a couple 2" groups today while sighting in the V2 w/ an Aimpoint micro on an RS regulate mount. Used a Caldwell front rest and 7N6 ammo. Didn't take pics so you will just have to take my word for it. The dot perfectly covered the 4 moa bullseye diamond, so it help me center in on it. Oh yeah, was @ 100 yds.
  8. 20nickels

    Anyone polished the gas system? Puck?

    Fug that, lol. I'm not being lazy, just wanting to increase reliability. I know it's not a RPK but its.... similar.
  9. 20nickels

    Anyone polished the gas system? Puck?

    Best answer. Won't touch. My factory puck is snug. How about the back of my Autoplug? It gets carbon caked on but I think I like the whatever coating is on it from Tac47.
  10. 20nickels

    Anyone polished the gas system? Puck?

    Okay tight I agree with whole heartedly but why not less friction too? Not overdoing it of course.
  11. My S12 f'ing runs. No complaints. Last week before a multigun match I hit the puck a little with 1200 grit paper, mostly the edges. What could it hurt? I'm just going for ultimate reliability. I didn't clean it for a long time, one yr I think, and it finally started choking so I thought.. why not see if I can extend it's round count between cleanings? If you hit some critical spots to reduce friction and fouling reliability should increase right? Should I polish further or just drink less coffee and not dwell on things so much?
  12. 20nickels

    Vepr 2 threaded barrel

    How are you keeping muzzle devices attached to the integrated sight models? The flash hider I want has no wrench flats, chinese type 83 copy. Will a 14mm crush washer plus some high temp thread locker do it? Maybe a filter wrench to tighten it?
  13. 20nickels

    Saiga bullet guide in my Vepr?

    Okay, do NOT use a larger tap/screw w/ a Vepr and CSS 5.45 bullet guide There is a step under the trunion you will run into w/ the tap and break the tap. Stick w/ 6-32.
  14. 20nickels

    Saiga bullet guide in my Vepr?

    What size do you like? My 8-32 just broke
  15. Thats easy, MD Arms. No contest. Cope's has them.