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  1. Has anyone turned down the barrel on a 7.62x39? Looks like I'd need to remove ~0.05".
  2. I guess it's all in what you're using it for. Mine puts holes in paper, pumpkins, coke cans and all sorts of other random inatimate objects just fine.
  3. Had a guy offer me $1,000 for mine the other day.. Tough choice, but I'm SBR'ing it.
  4. I was thinking about removing my velcro, but I think I'll just leave it.
  5. LOL.. Looks like you have.. I wish someone could make some Krink looking handguards that'd fit the Mini..
  6. I'm a xl or XXL.. Depending in the shirt.. XXL to be safe.
  7. Thanks! Did you ever get your tshirts made?
  8. I've been approached by a local shop to do some conversions for them to sell out of their shop. Would I need an FFL as the one doing the conversion? Manufacturing? Anyone have any insight into this..
  9. Just picked up 2 Mini-Draco's for $950.
  10. Just the way I was holding the guns. I had it rotated and the post is hidden behind the barrel.. If they are not threaded, I'll be threading them, do its not a huge deal. I still need to thread my turned down Bulgarian.
  11. Sweet.. I'll try the toothbrush trick. Either way, if they're threaded or not, they will be before the conversion is done.
  12. That's kinda what I think, but I haven't taken the tubing cutter to them.. You're the second one to say the top one looks like it might be.
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