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  1. +1 to evlblkwpns. I have the same stock. Nice and light and Russian. If I didn't get that one I'd go with the kvar rpk handguard. I had thechaos and it added too much weight.
  2. +1 on cleaning with dish soap. I use either that or Boretech carbon remover and hot water. After the rinse I dry with my air compressor and coat with remoil the blast dry the remoil to get it in the cracks. No carbon and no rust J
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtJkTfwvh-o
  4. Google ATAC TV. They have online videos with Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics where they have a series of videos on cleaning and an Armorers series specific to the Saiga 12. Very informative. Just what you are looking for. J
  5. Sweet setup. Im diggin the ace stock.
  6. After using rattle can paint, then trying duracoat, then a newer finish called black ice (which turned out to be more of a blued finish then black). I finally sent it off to be cerekoted. Buy once cry once is my advice. Duracoat will eventually wear off as will spraypaint. Find a good guy in your area and suck up the one or two weeks it will take to get done and in the end you will be happy. Just my 2 cents J
  7. I have been tossing around thi idea as well. How about grinding off the existing bead and JBing the meprolight inplace
  8. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone here is using the Tromix heavy hitter firing pin and if so what are the advantages. Mine seems fine however I am always up for better gear for my S12 J
  9. Hey guys I am considering chopping my barrel down to the legal limit of 18.5" and rethreding using the thread alignment tool and threading die from CSS. Has anyone done this and it is anything more than DIY. I have done many conversions and consider myself pretty handy. I just dont wana get in over my head. thanks Jason
  10. Welcome Garret. Hope you get your S12 running up to spec. Just ask if you have any ?s J
  11. I have the lower tri rail available.
  12. I have always kept Federal Powershock OOO buck in mine. Basically 8 9mm pellets in that one, high brass. Every month or so I will rotate the rounds and make sure they will cycle on a full mag and empty chamber. I have kids in the house so I don't feel comfortable with a loaded chamber and the bolt racked back. I have not noticed any major deformation. the top round will flatten out a bit so just make sure you rack all the way back and let the spring do the work. other than that like I said I just rotate the rounds around in the magazine J
  13. Looks great Scratch! Reminds me of a Galil. I am loving the recent posts of guys who have retro fitted wood to their S12s. Very Nice! J
  14. CBR Shadow....PM me I have a chaos tri rail and chaos warthog that I wana get rid of. I will give you a smokin deal as I just wana get them off my hands for a lighter setup. If you are liking the Eotech too I have a 512 for sale also. All stuff is like new condition Jason you would just need the chaos top rail which you can buy separatly
  15. Like the one guys said supply and demand. I just orderd 2 and they have more in stock J
  16. Hey guys, I was just curious to how many rounds you have put through your S12s. Mainly looking at longevity of the shotgun after doing many MD20 dumps and 3" Slug shoots. I am at approx 1500: 70% Federal Bulk with MD20 dumps and the rest High Brass OO and Slugs Jason
  17. Thing looks like a cheap piece of Turkish shit. I'll stick with my S12
  18. DIY Man. It isn't difficult. I have duracoated many guns and I am no professional and the kits give a professional finish. Lauer Weaponry has these kits with Preval Sprayers in it. They work really good. Just rough up the factory paint, degrease and shoot it. If you want something more durable I'd go with either a Moly Resin or Cerekote. Both of those will have to be professionally done. But if you are looking at not spending much the Duracoat kit is the way to go. 30 bucks or so and you are good to go. Just take your time prepping and you will be golden. Jason
  19. NICE.....I really wana get the top rail for my chaos but they are still out of stock. TAC47 plug rocks too
  20. I have used anti seize and it does work.... To a certain point. After repeated md20 dumps it will seize up regardless but if you are only shooting 50-75 rounds it will help. I always use it regardless.
  21. Kelly. If you mean cascade arms in Lacey wa. Let me know if you need any help with your gun. I'm in the area and have been working S12s for about 3 years. Good luck man.
  22. Quick tip with that. Once you tune it to your gun back the screw out (counting the turns). And get a little loctite on the threads. Mine started to back itself out when doing MD 20 dumps J
  23. Federal Power Shok 2 3/4 OOO Buck. High Power 8 pellets (basically the size of a 40 S&W) J
  24. +1 to the tac47 auto plug and porting to 3/32. I am 100% with federal bulk from walmart.
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