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  1. Russian 54r

    Uinta .308 Mags

    Finally got hold of Uinta Industries and they are refunding my money. They are no longer in business and will remove their web site.
  2. Russian 54r

    Uinta .308 Mags

    Haven't had chance to shoot my converted 308-1 yet but am looking forward to giving it a try. The conversion went well with minimal aggrivation . When you live in the city it's hard to drop everything and drive a thousand miles to go shooting! LoL
  3. Russian 54r

    Uinta .308 Mags

    Thanks Netpackrat. I made a complaint thru PayPal this morning. How you know I paid thru PayPal?
  4. Russian 54r

    Uinta .308 Mags

    Couple of weeks ago I ordered, from their online site, 2 u308 mags for $80. Seems like they may be out of business cause there phone has been disconnected and they don't answer my four emails. Does anyone know about them? Thanks
  5. The mag is just set into the well. I have not converted it to accept AK mags and have order two twenty round Saiga mags. Think I will pull the FSB off and put standard FSB, thread the barrel and use a Tabuk style flash suppressor to give it an elongated look and would have another USA part.
  6. The stock is made by RUSSIAN AMERICAN ARMORY and am wondering if anyone can tell me if there is an extension pad that is made for this stock. I've seached the web but can't find any mention of one. The darn stock is just too short. Thanks
  7. Picked up a new Saiga 7.62 yesterday, "my first Saiga", and just couldn't live with it the way it was. Already had a used stock set, I bought last month from fellow board member, Belarus scope mount and a FSB from a Bulgarian in the juck box. Put it all together and here it is. I just fgured out that it has a bolt hold open which is way coooool! What cha think?
  8. Russian 54r

    Saiga Stock to AK47 Build Mod.

    This is the stock set I bought from a fellow board member and already put it on my new Saiga I bought yesterday. I think it looks really cool but am going to do something with the front sight block. I've a Bulgarian AK74 FSB with zig-zag am going to try and use that. I think they are both the same size barrel for that application. My conversion reversal in now "dead." Anyone have a fix for the butt pad extension? Thanks
  9. Russian 54r

    Saiga Stock to AK47 Build Mod.

    Well I just couldn't resist the urge! Bought a new Saiga, in the box, for $350 just to be able to use this darn sniper style stock and hand gurad. When I get it out of the packed up Tahoe, it's raining like crazy, I take a couple of picks with the new/used stock. It is really short though. Do they make an extension butt pad for them? Thanks
  10. Russian 54r

    Saiga Stock to AK47 Build Mod.

    Found a Saiga FCG donation and just have to find some time to build it and make this puppy bark!
  11. Russian 54r

    Saiga Stock to AK47 Build Mod.

    Just trying to "keep it simple." I really don't have any idea at how I want to do things until I try I fit everything together. May be a project that just should have never been started but I'm in for the finish. As silly as this propject seems I may even put a personal fan attachment on a rail system with even an umbrella to keep the sun off the scope lens! Where's my old MAD magazines at!! Spy vs. Spy type stuff. Well maybe I'm really getting tooooooo silly! LoL
  12. Russian 54r

    Saiga Stock to AK47 Build Mod.

    Fellow board member is trying to find his old conversion parts and offered them to me. Does anyone happen to have a Saiga trigger guard and mag release the want to get rid of? For me it's just another fun project to make something differant. I have all the tools to bend, spot weld, press and anything else that needs to be done. I even have blueing hot tanks. I'm retired and just like to play around doing "stupid" stuff. On covering up of old trigger drop out hole, I'll bend and make a tunnel to cover it up. Anyone have any dirrerant suggestions that would make it look better? Thanks
  13. Russian 54r


    Looking for a spare PSL action cover. Paying $20 shipped for fair condition cover. Scratches minor rust no problem. Thanks
  14. Russian 54r

    Saiga Skeleton Stock - Bolt on?

    I have a Saiga skeleton stock and handguard that I would sell for $60 plus shipping. They both have been camo painted. Let me know if interested. Thanks
  15. Russian 54r

    Has Anyone Tried This With a Yugo M70?

    This is a very simple thing to do "providing you know someone with a lathe!" I did one and pressed it into a milled receiver a few years back when I had owned a lathe. I have another Yugo barrel that I'm going to send to a friend in Ohio to turn down for me to put it into a 23mm trunion. You will have to headspace the barrel and drill it for the barrel pin. The kit I bought the person had tried to thread a trunion and it was off center and wouldn't feed. It bound up on the round so he dumped it on me for $300 and yes I still mad!