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  1. Mine too, but I've reloaded the brass and fired it through another .308 I have. It fireformed the brass back to normal.
  2. Minute of soldier at 300 yards from my Saiga .308
  3. I own a GI model 1911a1. I've put 300+ rounds through it with no problems. The parkerizing is a bit thin it seems but other than that I'm very satisfied. It even came from the factory with a polished feed ramp.
  4. That's insane. That looks like you're shooting gasoline out of the end of a barrel. Awesome. Looks like my M44 Mosin Nagants with Russian ammo.
  5. yes. My short barrelled .308 Saiga is much louder than my BAR Shortrak with the 20 incher and same ammo.
  6. I'm thinking Mosin M38 for bear repellent on my next camping trip. That'll get the job done. I'm with ya Dogman. If I'm in the woods, I'm carrying my .44 mag (and I'm only in black bear country). I read that story earlier, and I just watched Prophecy-the giant, mutated bear movie from 1979-last Sunday. Weird. I still want to camp in Montana someday, and I will. +1 ktcm, in black bear country here too. I carry a Super Blackhawk 7" .44Mag in a Kodiak chest holster. Got trailed by a full grown Mountian lion a few years ago, taught me a lesson. Sounds like a Grizz attack. They are just plain grumpy
  7. Great deal! You'll love it. I really enjoy shooting mine.
  8. Recoil? Not that bad, but like someone said early, that is subjective. My .308 is lots of fun to shoot (fireball/big loud blast) and put a scope on it and it is <2MOA
  9. +1 - that short of a barrel is gonna make a fireball, no matter what. Kinda like the Mosin M44 carbines
  10. I've shot hundreds of their .308 with the only problem being dirty and some duds
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