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  1. His name is Koia ,Black Male ,9 months old . I have drove From Fl to see My 97 year old Mom and to train this guy.

    He is still a little air brained  but retrieving  better and better everyday. He will be in the field with me in November for pheasant season. 

    He has the moves. We also have a new Chocolate Lab named Henry who is 7months but not quit ready to train. 

    2 new dogs in the field , it will be a hoot. BLM (Black Labs Matter)


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  2. Thank You! Now play and do not look back.

    I am loving my retirement.  Wife is addicted to police shows on tv. You would think she would have had enough of the real thing. I hate most of them but watch with her because she is my babe. Its time to reinvent yourself . I very seldom think about what I used to do and very few I worked with ever look me up.   Good Luck and god bless You!

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  3. I have one and it is my best shooter. Yes it does need a bullet guide ,I tried the pre made ones but found that a homemade one works better. I have it converted to ar mags but it will still shoot factory mags that have be modified. I have a cheap Tapco folding stock and have treaded the barrel for a flash compensator. I have $390 in the the gun and have been offered $1200 but its just to good to let go. This started to be a throw away gun but it just runs. Good luck and have fun (just used standard Tapco trigger kit)

  4. Just loaded 400 rounds of 300 blackout and 400 round of 556. Went to our Local Farm store Rural King to get pork rinds and the the gun department was packed with dozens of people filling out paperwork or buying ammo. One way or another things will even out.

    The real truth of Life is we all have a capacity to Hate. Getting over it is the real task  even when we know we will always be hated.

    Defeat your enemy's and then move on. This is what will bring us to normal

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  5. My mother was born and raised just 2 blocks from where the riots have burnt a good portion of it. I was born close to the area and remember spending  the summer with my grandparents there.

    It was a great place to live. But like all cities the middle and upper middle class moved out of downtown Minneapolis and went to the suburbs. Minneapolis has become like many cities only attractive to the lower class. Crime is high and tax dollar intake is not enough to sustain it. It will take years to rebuild this area if it ever will.

    Now they have voted to end the police force? This city is now Detroit and will never come back Ever! St Paul is the same .

    As I start my 3rd year of retirement I find it funny that I do not think of what I used to do ever. The wife dose not have to worry about my safety anymore but still watches police shows 90% of the time ?????? but I Love Her so much.

    Still carry every day as I have for years, Go nowhere, work on my Guns, Guitars ,make holsters  , walk 4 miles and swim 1 mile every day except Sunday. Pretty sure I can swim 1000 meters in less than 20 minutes but why? Life Is wonderful  and I am blessed beyond anything . All this unrest will fade as it always does like a coral reef always growing larger on what was once alive.

    Everyone be safe . God Bless







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