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  1. Well it started The well wishers who would like to take over my position want to chat a little Meanwhile I started to re setup all my electric guitars. It was a nice day. Tried to sing along to a rock song but have no wind, it's going to take a long time. Wife is so happy to be retired. Life is good
  2. You think that is the case in Mexico? It is strange that I have been given 3 and never have used one. I am sure many can say the same thing..
  3. I do not think Gerber makes baby food with hot peppers
  4. And women's say men do not like to shop Go chilie go , have a great time
  5. No way. I'm not going to fall for that. I'm actually quite helpful sometimes. I think YOT's answer is right on. 20 cf is a good start. When you go bulk shopping (like at places like BJ's wholesale ), you'll tend to fill it up pretty quick. Here's one I have, for example: premium_three_body_refrigerator_large.jpg Oh wait, wrong picture. That's funny
  6. Home Weak Grateful Social security, pension and turning my work over to others. Blessed with the best wife in the world. May mount a scope tomorrow just for the fun of it. Or maybe not pending what the wife says Thanks to all for the prayers it meant a lot.
  7. It was time to hang it up this just moved it up The wife is doing all my corrispondenc She is the best Pending stress tests it looks like home tomorrow afternoon
  8. Good news today , heart doctor says no heart damage Will be enrolling into Social Security this week as well
  9. I have a ton things to do and will not wast away like some who retire. Feeling better today, my job right now is to put every energy into healing. I have rehabbed before and know the drll. But this time the pressure is off. Finally got to eat last night , coffee was so good. Thanks to all
  10. Blood clots went up from my left lower leg in to my lungs If I would have waited a few hours on Saturday I would not be texting this. Will be in the hospital for awhile. The wife and I both agreed it’s time to hang it up last night in the ER Judging by the size of the clots it will take at least 6 months to clear. As always I dogged another one Looking forward to living a life with out stress and normal hours (my hours) Feeling good can now walk to the head with help (another lesson in humility)
  11. Ammunition is getting so cheap that it may parallel reloading. Shoot it.
  12. We if you really don't like it do it again. Blues and pinks might look good
  13. Let me get this right. White Jewish guy went to the hood for pictures to use in his his campaign. Sounds democrat to me.
  14. Well Linda let's see your new glock. Looks like spam to me
  15. For the money this is your best pistol I think it will even go in a holster
  16. My sister lives in Ninilcek have I seen this many times. A lot of them speak Russian and are hard workers. I think everyone should try to see Alaska once in your life.
  17. Do not get me wrong , the foods great just do not like week coffee. Never gave the bathrooms a thought but your right. Our problem down here is for 6 months we are the end of the line for the snow birds. In fact we stop eating out untill they go home. This morning it got down to 49. Stay warm
  18. Ah Cracker Barrlel in Fl during the winter! Good luck getting a seat, then when you do you cannot hear anything because of all the old people who are hard of hearing are talking over one another. And their coffee is like walking along the beach ( very close to water) If it was not for the wife I would never go to one and that is when we go on vacation in Mid Nov. We call them snow birds. I call them people who wake up with nothing to do but to waste your time over dumb thing birds. Stay warm.
  19. Used to live in central MN Moved to SW Florida in 88, enough said. Stay warm!
  20. Anyway! Because this bill needs 60 votes in the senate it is doomed unless it is dealt with as a tax, but we just got a tax break.
  21. Just shoot it and have fun. If it breaks,well time to go gun shopping again. Sounds like a win win to me. Hit the range and have fun and give us a report.
  22. We won because of American determination and England's logistical problem. It cost money to fight a war over seas, money they did not have. When England failed to suppress our revolution in the first months they were doomed. We had to hang on, they could not afford to. In the end the French knew it to.
  23. Are you going to blue or brown it? I'm leaning toward brown. Did my first browning over 45 years ago. Trust me it looks great and holds up. Have fun.
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