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  1. Becoming a doctor in these times says a lot about your son. You must be proud. I hope it will work out for him.
  2. I am sure you are right but the video from the person pulling up to the entrance of the hotel sure sounds like there are two shooters. I am sure there is an explanation..
  3. Okay you got me there however complaining meant you had to much time on your hands ( ha ha) I guess my point is maybe they should talk to some one who has done what they are planning to do. I am not against this its just a big commitment for a young person .
  4. I works for many but when your young when it come to the military you need to think it throught. It's about defending first, if you are able to blend and adapt and get you education great. But their are a whole lot of them who if they could would go another direction. You know the ones , always complaining counting the days.
  5. This is a hard way to become a doctor When Uncle Sam pays he always wins. Join because you want to serve not to get something. They will have that view. And remember recruiters lie to get your name on the dotted line. Good luck
  6. An AR with a good compensator is way more effective than a bump stock could ever be, even with a compensator. We need to realize that the bump stock Is not a gun , it s a add on part but so is a scope or a Red dot. The problem I have is, just because you do not like something it is no reason to ban it from people who do. Like I told my wife who does not see the point in bump stocks , You may not but someone responsible does ,so leave it alone. I told her it was like when I bought her a new car, she wanted black and I did not. We got a black car and I just had to deal with it until I got o
  7. Pure and simple go on your knees you hate LEOs or imply it. NFL just stopped being the #1 sport in USA. All I can say is Good, you deserve it.
  8. My wife hates bump stocks. When I take her to the range she marvels at newbies who have just got their first AR and put a bump stock on it. She says they can't aim them, and they cannot get them to work and does not think they are safe because the shooters mind is not on the target but on the operation of the dumb thing. To me it is just a ammo wasting novelty but it's not my money, is it. What concerns me is we want to ban them when as far as I have seen we do not know if a bump stock was used. Can you make a bump stock work on a tripod? Remember in the US we have a one party system, so
  9. Bye bye bump stock, the writings is on the wall. Why not bye bye hotel rooms or gun tripod. Politics at its best this morning. And for you guy who have a bump stock you will soon be a felon. Goodie another law to enforce.
  10. The guy went nuts over gambling debts? Time to get rid of Vegas cacinos because they kill. He went nuts over gambling debts! This is why he shot up over 500 people? Why didn't he shoot up the people who he owed the money to? This does not make sense.
  11. Over 500 people, 500.! Gun reports early on are usually wrong. We just have to wait. In the mean time over 50 are dead. If he did not have guns it would be something else, there a lot of nuts out there. Did not spend a lot of time on the videos but it sounded like an AK to me
  12. Have no problem with draft dodgers. Not fond of war I hope no soldier is. The way I see it Its better to have someone who wants to rather than has to covering my back. And do not get me wrong, there were a lot of have to's converted to want to's at the time. The draft should only be used if we are attacked. Ted would have made a poor soldier anyway. And as for the standing locked arm in Green Bay It looked like the fans did not get it ( who did ?) Does anyone really know what this kneeling is about? "It about , police are the bad guys". If you ask me the only ones who really do not lik
  13. This is entertainment, a show for money, that's all it is. It is no different than the actor who spout their tripe in the media. People are not going to the movies and people are leaving the NFL. They have made their bed and when it is to late they will realize where all the money came from. As for me their kneel is based on a lie and a hate for police ( I will never forgive them, NEVER) Rest in peace NFL.
  14. I thought is was about a British Air Line in Fl I am working to much.
  15. Watched a little foot ball last week and kept falling asleep. What has happened to foot ball,it is so boring. One of the plays had a great hit and tackle putting the offensive team with a loss but because the helmet was to high they called a penalty and gave them 10 yards. Even the announcers said it smelled. Football has lost something. Thursday night football had the Rams with no fans in the seats must be because of the new rules that causes football to be wimpy and they are a really bad team. Then you have the players taking a knee at the anthem. Not watching not coming back, this is t
  16. Cleared some trees for neighbors, opened the house, perked some coffee on the grill and later made burgers. Sat down an watched the flow of picture takers about one every minute go by. VFW commander stopped by all is good. Not bad sleeping last night. Not going to put anymore energy in to this thing as I had my share of hurry up and wait. We will see what tomorrow brings, I am not going to worry about it. The wife said stop clean up and shave and sit down. So I am
  17. Water down ,opening house up tomorrow morning . Move guns and ammo back In to my safes. Do not have to work untill my power comes back, could be weeks. Time to chill and go with it after all we are safe.
  18. Well it did not happen. As we are just comming out of the storms eye. Lost the pool cage, and a few trees , no power since 9:00 am , lots of big pine trees 65 ft high down and one across our road. Praise God we did well, thanks to all for your prayers.
  19. In fl we just had a law signed in giving Fl people the right to carry in hurricanes We are the gun shine state you know. Looks like it will come very close to us like Charlie. Just have to move Ammo and Guns up out of gun safes , fill the bath tub water bladder and raise the computers and battery backups. I do not have a generator but use deep cell battery's and a inverter to give us light, fan and DVDs player . Power is usually out for about a week on my block as we are on a main service line. It has been drifting more west let's hope it goes to Mexico .
  20. Thanks to all for your prayers , I was wrong about 5 storms the wife said it was 6. We are all set just got new marine batteries for standby power for house got 20 years out of them. There is a possibility it will move more east but who knows. We never get the surge they get on the east coast but the wind will be a factor. Looking for rain to start Friday sometime If they do tells us to get out we can live out of the car for 2 weeks as we have freeze dried meals and canned water ect. My prayers to all in Texas recovering and all in Fl who will be affected by this storm, Here we go!
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