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  1. Looks like Irma is going to come to Bonita Springs. We went shopping and all the bottled water and bread Gone! We have every thing prepped so we are not in a panic. This will be storm # 5 four us and looks like the strongest . This will never happen here. However I could happen in CA (Oh wait a minute it has, storm or no storm).
  2. When you think that you a entitled , this is the first step to failure. Everyone in life has to understand that it is not fair or equal. I was born poor, ugly, clumsy and for a while stupid. I made my mind up very early in life to correct all of this with the exception of being ugly. In some other country that might not have been possible but I the USA it is always possible. Some like myself have to work harder than others but I am proof that it is possible. For almost a decade night school was part of my life The problem here is some want life given to them, which is no life at all. Al
  3. Look this is America ,this crap happens...... All the Time. I remember this guy Lincoln who ran as a 3rd party candidate and won the presidency with out the popular vote. Needless to say people were pissed and states started to leave the union. Compared to the results of that this is a cake walk. And yes the press has always been this way. As for me I love this country, I really love it
  4. ...then perambulate your silly ass down to your representative's office and tell them what you think all by yourself. Wear your best frock. I'll delay the wearing of frocks until I take the plunge on buying a full set of Roman Lorica Segmentata then I could be the nerd version of those guys who walked into the Dearborn Heights police station in plate carriers. But will you nerd version stop anything? Just save some more and buy a vest .
  5. Judging from past conservative appointments, I am not sure what will happen. Remember how we felt about Roberts. Once they get into the club they all change and take on the mantle of God. Life time appointments with no accountability changes a person let us never forget. Also non of them have been with the middle class in a long time if ever. To me they have a disappointing elite view of life in our country.
  6. As much as the military try's to prepare people who fly as to what to expect if they are captured, it will never be enough . Resisting tortuous actions with out breaking comes not to all but a small group of people. Remember that the reason they use torture is because it works. Dying a quick death in war is the novices fantasy . The reality of war is there is some quick death but way more pain and suffering that can last a life time. To me the biggest torture of them all is going through all this and have it mean nothing and then be treated like scum or forgotten by you're own country.
  7. We drove up it on our honeymoon 44 years ago , it is a must. Also do the Air Force academy.
  8. The Dodge slant 6 in a 1965 Corinett 330 ( Ugly Dependible) with push button shift . My first car that got me from point A to point B
  9. If the refrigeration lines are under pressure how does the graphite get in?
  10. Talked to my sister yesterday and she said that the reds are just beginning to run. So I guess if nature sooner or later gets together to get something done may be the Repulicans will as well. The wife is reading Gingreg's book about Thrump, it's not over. The book explains that any deal starts with multiple rejections, Trump is not even getting started. You have a great day , I sure am going to try to.
  11. Looking forward to trying it but with the load of work and paperwork it will not be for some time.
  12. Well it's ready to rock now the question is when will I have time to break it in.
  13. I am sure we have some common ground here. I think I have briefly explained why we have the Senators we have. That being a large progressive influx from the N.E. Oregon, Washington , Nevada I think Texas not to mention the southern State of Alaska are experiencing the the same We also know that there was not going to be a Dem voting for this bill, it was up to the Republicans to get it done. Your Republican Sen voted the same as the Dems , Marco did not. Why? Do you know Why? That's all I ask. Why? I think that she dose not give a crap along with the other two about how devastating thi
  14. I made my living for 42 years straightening out screwed up elevators! When Haughton came out with the OH machine, I put 6 of them back together before the IDIOT boss let me do all of them from the beginning! I once found the car at the lobby, and the worm gear thrust bearing sticking out of the gear box and held by the last 2 threads of the last bolt !PS- 'burban is chillin! Real men get you to the 40th floor safely. Thanks for being the best you can be. For most it's just a job and a pay check,getting by by the bare minimum. But for true profestionals it's to do the best all the time regard
  15. Chillie try the advanced uploaded the regular one does not work.
  16. Guess what, your asshole senator voted against the repeal, too. Compared to having Marco "amnesty" Rubio and some democrat who is an anti-gun shitbag, I feel pretty good about having Murkowski and Sullivan as my US senators. You are absolutely right about Rubio and Nelson but Marco voted yes yours Rep voted no "Why?" Most. Dems are anti gun Nelson is no exception. As for Marco he will say anything to be elected. Fl has changed over the years as the boomers from the north east come down to retire. They winter here and summer in NY. That way they can vote twice, I was very amazed that Tum
  17. Your anorexia poster child senator is a real gem. God help you all.
  18. I am so tired of listening to this shit. We all know all politicians are a pile of crap. They could care less about what we want just follow the money. Local gov is no better as you have to do even more paper work to justify some little maggots job. I am done with it.
  19. Not sure. Those were just two articles that came up when I did a search; I posted them for background and I don't personally have any opinion on whether it was McCain's fault or not. My opinion is that McCain is an asshole, and I look forward to him being out of office. So is your senator
  20. Hey! agent orange has screwed up a ton of vets. However MaCain was above the problem untill they shot him down
  21. 134 sailor killed because he wet started his plane in 1967 Not a fan of this guy, he should have been charged.
  22. I think drones work well with all the stuff that is guided but it is a moving platform. One needs a stable platform for shooting a bullet. Like I said the guided 50 cal bullet may change all this once they can get more range. Not taking away from this accomplishment but I think it will never be the norm as most sniper shots are far less than this one. Drones run out of gas a sniper can sit undetected for days.
  23. Reading more into the Canadian sniper shot that hit its target I found that a drone deployed might of given the spotter better information on range, multiple wind and atmosphere information. With all that being said and knowing the Canadians have awesome 50 cal loads it looks like high tech in warfare has just jumped a notch. The opitics today are unbelievable. Match that with good eyes and awesome technology I expect more of this. Also there is a 50 cal guided round now as well but it does not have the weight to go 2 miles but who knows. "Bad guys beware and keep you head down yah know Ay
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