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  1. Woodbury Outfiters dropped the price of Thompson Center rifles and also gave a additional 10% off price as well. With free shipping it is on its way $ 277.00 Boom!. And the build begins.
  2. We all agree that crazy people should not have guns. Back ground checks will never stop them. I have a vet freind who is breaking down mentally. He will not get help, he cannot keep a job, his wife ended their marriage but lets him stay at the house. He is in a different world and at times in anger talks about shooting his wife. He came to me the other day asking to borrow money. I bought his guns with out a background check but because he has not been diagnosed as mentally Ill he can get all the guns he wants. Evene if they are diagnosed mentally ill they can still lie on the application
  3. I have decided to scale down and go with a cheaper rifle. So I will be getting in the future a 308 Thompson Center 5 R rifled 1:10 twist with threaded barrel at Bass Pro $379. Let's face it I am not going to run all over the place shooting long ranges when the wife's health is not getting any better. No! 100 yards will be fine with reloads. May go deer hunting some time in the future but I doubt it. Just to plink is what I want to do as August 18 I will semi retire. I have looked at Remmington, Ruger, Mossburg,Savage , Winchester and a few others and come to pick Compass. Guns prices
  4. Wow! Sounds like a list when I had a boat on the gulf. Looked like the roof was 1st class from the photo.
  5. Some doubt this next generation, I do not and it is because of parents like you.
  6. Very nice. Flush and treat the reserve tank, replace flush gasket and your good to go. I here they have great filtration units for trailers now. What are you going to tow it with?
  7. Beef tallow makes the best French fries in the world, bar none
  8. Ben if you have a CCW you are on the list of people who have such permit. A few people got their information of that list hacked. You could be hacked if you if you renewed your permit on line. It has nothing to do with your guns. NOTHING!
  9. People with so much talent at times piss it al away on drugs and booze. This was his problem and destroyed his liver having to get a new one. Married 6 times! Looked drunk at his hall of fame induction,just a shame. His two brother were no better. I really am amazed he lasted this long. Hepatitis C was what kicked him to the curb and the anti rejection drugs finished him off. Rest in peace Greg to bad to bad.
  10. I was asked by the family to speak at the memorial of A 95 year old ww2 navy vet who became a friend a few years ago. He was serving on the heavy cruiser Salt Lake City. They were out with carriers when the Japs Attacted Pearl Harbor. He was fantastic person and I was honored to speak for him. We are losing over 3300 ww2 vets a day. Let hope future generations remember what they did.
  11. So far, so good Mike! Two things come to mind. Butter and cast iron skillet . Have a great time what a great place
  12. The wife just told me maybe this is what trump meant about John McCain. It was part of the job he was trained for. When you fly in the navy you have to go through training because part of the job may entail being shot down and becoming a POW Do not get me wrong any POW with some exceptions deserves honor and respect for what they have gone through. But the real meaning of hero in that situation may be lacking. Unless they went beyond for the safety of others. I have saved a life, it was training, nothing more. Maybe my instructor was the hero ha ha ha
  13. Doing your job does not make you a hero. A pilots job is delivering people from point A to point B alive. Soldiers trained to fight are doing their job. I think it is when someone moves past their job to that sacrifice of life
  14. Because it is the gun shine state! Because cows love to shoot! Because the Tampa Rays suck! Because gun powder is organic! Because I have to work 6 1/2 days a week! Heck I do not know! And I live here. "Wait ! What was the question"? Ben?
  15. The wife and I didn't apply on line either but all the information is still in their data base. I'm not overly concerned but I will be checking my bank and credit card statements a little closer for a while. Fucking government can't maintain a secure system if their lives depended on it. You got that right
  16. Listening to the new this morning about the London bombing and they started to call the victims Hero's. To me a hero is someone who lays it all down for the victims ,I just do not get it, why do they do this?
  17. LEE COUNTY, Fla. - If you're a concealed weapon permit holder, your information could be in danger after a statewide hack. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services says the data breach affects more than 16,000 people and some social security numbers may be at risk. "It's a little nerve-racking to know that it happened here in Florida," said Evelyn Greenway. Officials say people with concealed weapons licenses who renewed online may have had their names accessed. An additional 469 others have been notified their social security numbers may have been hacked. "
  18. Did not say I did not believe you just thought there was a story
  19. Ben is this some thing he personally collected? There has to be a story.
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