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  1. if it is not going to be a competition rifle what is the point? Just buy a used rifle that has what you want or sell or trade up to what you want. There is a lot of joy working on guns but in the end you should expect a better shooting gun for the money
  2. God bless all who make Her great God Bless America (and you to CA)
  3. Its a Kel-Tec Fluff and buff it and do the mag insides also. I have shot them but felt like a kiddy gun. they just need some pre shoot care and you will never have problems with it again. I remember the keyholing they had with the first ones but they fixed the barrels. go to their web blog lots of help there have fun
  4. I use the light I have also had my Blackhawk reinforced ccw belts for years but They do not sell them any more. Look for a thick stiff belt with a rounded buckle or one with stainless built into the belt are you ccwing the judge
  5. They stink on Ice . You pay to get in the door which takes away from saving money, you used to be able to deal and you could get some good army boots for a steal. Never go anymore as well
  6. They should just become a new 3rd world country It Name should be Oz
  7. trump said 65% of his promises done in 2.5 years , more to come. dems are melting down. media and late night losing it. red hen restraunt closed for a month
  8. Between the wife and me ,we have been in the hospital 3 times in the last three weeks. But I just got her a new metal detector and we will be heading to CoCo beach to see what we can find on the beach. Looks like a good pan , I hope they are all like that.
  9. The moderators have done a great job here and have my respect. Even if they are gay ha ha ha
  10. This has been and I feel still is one of the best forums out there. The build information and help has been second to none. The discussion and input have been real. With the Russian ban on any ak style gun it limits the real reason this forum was started. It will evolve or not. With that said ,many thanks to all who have helped to make our Saigas awesome.
  11. I do not hate the NRA its that they have evolved to something else. THERE SAFTY PROGRAMS ARE SECOND TO NONE! Tons of new shooters do it safely because of what they have developed. I am still a member and will stay one for this reason
  12. At 80 it will be a long heal for her. Make sure she eats Make sure she does her therapy . Be with her more than you think you need to be as personal jobs are not as important as your mom. Bring grand kids, baby's, dogs, neighbors,foods,pictures and read to her on a regular basis. What ever faith she is, have them visit her all the time as many fail to visit the sick. Insist on it with them. Her will to live and move on is the most important thing. Give me her first name and I will pray for her as I already have. Fight for and with her, hug hold and kiss her all the time, God bless Re
  13. The reason we do not have a archery section here . It is a stick flinger. I think we are dying here.
  14. I hate flying for a lot of reasons, if I have to go out of state I choose to drive. With that said I chose to fly up and see my 94 year old mother who has been worried about my health. It has been 10 years since I have had to fly and as always I have issues getting through screening. The main reason is they find metal in both legs and it is unusual. Pre check approved does not matter the shoes came off , hands are swiped ,both leg braces wiped and tested and a lot of questions. This is good, as they are doing a great job and I told them that. But my wife got caught smuggling rhubarb in
  15. ​Bedding is a pain and with that said shoot the gun for a while to see if there is a problem. Midway has a great video bedding a wooden stock. When it comes to poly and fiber glass stocks It may be a waste of time . Non wood stocks flex a whole lot and need more attention. Always make sure the barrel screws are tight ,when you think they are tight they may need a little more. Lock tight is a must and screws should be checked after about 10 rounds as the gun will break its self in and sometimes move stock material in the holes causing the screw to be loose. What ever you choose to do take i
  16. It is okay to sit back and listen it is also okay to express how we feel, this is why we are who we are. Conversations get heated when people have deep feelings about what is right and what is wrong. Deep feelings of well founded truth give everyone protection of God given rights to life ,liberty and not to reasonably retard our goals and dreams of a happy life. I said reasonable because some people are happy killing you. If a person who wants to play soldier and shoot his bumpstock at the range or a safe place to shoot go for it. The fact that I do not approve should not stop that pe
  17. They have become a cash machine. All they do is send requests for money and monthly letters stating that it is time to renew. I find it funny that the requests to renew come after I had just renewed ,it is every month. Follow the money. Talk radio has become like that also, they push for you to subscribe
  18. I think the most you have to do to a production rifle, is to fill an bed the stock as they tend to flex The poly stock flexing more than a fiberglass or wood. Depending on how far you will be shooting it may not make a difference. I got my new 308 Compass with a threaded barrel and have installed a nice break to tame recoil. Also some guns just shoot better or like a specific round. All the more reason to start reloading. The money you save on a rifle can be spent on reloading. Trust me you will enjoy the sport a lot more and you will have far more control over the shooting process. If
  19. Well said, it is cheaper to tweak a production gun and have just as much fun with more money. as cheap as guns are you can buy a few and still be money ahead.
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