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  1. Hunting? Target? money? now is the time to ask the questions. bolt rifles are going for a song right know . I depends on how serious this is going to be. I have a new Thompson Center Compass 308 scoped ready to go and a 1000 yard range to shoot it. I also reload. I would spend as much or even more time reading about bullets types that would be practical for you, this will help you choose the twist of the barrel. do not be in a hurry and enjoy the ride.
  2. It is about the mind of a young man and what is expected of him. Stripping the child identity of that person completely away with acid so that it will never come back. It takes a special person to do this and anyone who emerges from their care knows more about himself as a man and what he is capable than he ever dreamed. I was not a big fan of him but the Glock commercials were funny. Just not into guys cashing in on what they did in the service,do not know why, just do not think it is right. Maybe it is not respecting the ones who came back in a bag or with bandages. I can understand Gun
  3. Is about preparing a man to kill. That is the marines purpose, to kill.
  4. DI first impressions Screaming bull Spit in your face Breath reeked of winter green and tobacco
  5. exactly.... and the stocks... now, we need to make sure that the .gov is doing right in its executing of justice, but thats just part of the problem now (public apathy). as far as teachers unions, the whole system sucks.... they force you to get a degree (college typically = left leaning + easily impressioned young person = more liberals to tout the party line, to kids), then you get out only making $40k, you sign on the x initially for some reason, then 5 years later after having kids and buying too much crap you way in debt and PO'd.... once again, these were all personal decisions. i d
  6. Or you could throw Crap in its face. This is always and option.
  7. Life ! the real reality show will change all of that. College! All the things they teach you, one will never use. Another thing you will never get to use is the tons of money spent on stupid classes like Sensitive Kazoo #1 and the even more important Sensitive Kazoo #2 When the police fail to keep them or a friend safe the wheels in their mind will start turning.
  8. stopping rifle? and fighting rifle? I am not understanding this. I always though my fighting rifle was supposed to stop people . did you mean hunting rifle vs your AK?
  9. I think we are emasculating our male youth and teaching all children to be victims. I do not see this in Israel
  10. For that kind of money you could have got a S &W 500. Trust me just the sound of it will make a bear crap. With a chest holster and a drop leash you will find it also more convenient . But there is a lot of good protective oil out there ,I am a frog lube guy. Some how I think you will figure it out. Two ? I guess one is day and one is for night. Good luck and have fun . Never seen a bear in Alaska,moose,caribou,huge bald eagles an salmon but never a bear.
  11. Yes I just found it. They have a 300 black out bullet but it does not appear to have the special twists as the pistol rounds do. Wife shoots a 380 and a 40 . Looks like a project just as soon as the doctors clear me to shoot. The higher velocity for the 380 has my attention. I may just order some defense rounds and see what the recoil is.
  12. All good here. But the saying two will do for pistols needs to be part of every defense mind set. More hits makes bullet type less important. Anyone here using the new polymer copper bullet? This could change how we look a bullets. Trying to find some to re load.
  13. have not been there for years, does it look good for deer or are you going to build? I grew up and went to college in St Cloud. I think we will fly up in August after the doctor releases me, to see my 93 year old mother and my older brother
  14. I think I could see a pheasant in the middle just next to the baby pines. Looks like the Wilmar area. Good Luck I was Born and raised in MN, Hunt there every fall with my big brother.
  15. Teens! They know every thing. if they want to save lives then where have they been for their friends when they die from drugs or drunk driving . Or how bout all the teens who never were , killed by a mindset of indifference to life no different than this Cruz ass. that would be abortion. Teens! they need to be nurtured not manipulated by liberal hacks who only care about themselves and nothing about a generation that never was. Teens! thank god they cannot vote. The truths of life are often kept from our young people because they to often are raised by women while the man watches or is no
  16. In my house what's mine is hers' but then again what's hers' is hers' also. ha ha. ...and that's what I found out when she ran off with a convicted felon she'd been sneaking around with for years and we divorced. She tried to steal every dime I had. Nevermore. Thank God I have a really great attorney... Wow, I am so sorry man
  17. Better to ask forgiveness, than to ask permission. Cook her a nice dinner, nap through a chick flick and then make her moan like a porn star... All will be cool again. Or maybe not. when it comes down to spending major money I always had a conversation with my wife. They were not always pleasant but the subject was out in the open for her to consider my desires. Most of the time she gave in because she wanted me to be happy. We never sweat the small stuff if we want something that is not major then okay. When it comes to the big stuff it's a majority vote or it does not happen.
  18. re thinking this, if they did salvage some planes and found bodies the navy would honor them as the always have
  19. I do more for this nation before lunch than most of you do all year. Wow! You may want to step that one back a little. Also thank you for you service
  20. plated bullets work great in glocks but if you lube the led and watch the hardness they shoot fine
  21. How many times are you going to buy that excuse? Independent of all other explanations, once is accident twice is coincidence three times is confirmed enemy action... How many so far? Or it could be dingbat crazy narcissistic pile of vomit. Not sure what number you would put in font of it. There are a lot of crazy people out their with the capacity to have a personal conspiracy bounce around in their brains without any help from others.
  22. For a retirement hobby I made a vacuum table to make custom klydex holsters. It is ready to go, leather Klydex and everything. First gun M&P 40 C with new laser.
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