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  1. Ha Ha Ha you might say I got the good beat into me. Not to say that I did not have it coming, in fact my 10th year was some what painful.
  2. Any one person with a battery powered Sawzall can be inside any Liberty safe in 10 minutes, i.e. pulling your valuables out of a gaping hole in the side or top.Even the current manufacture, low budget Amsec and Fort Knox are using only 10g-7g bodies. Sturdi starts with a 3/16" body, not the greatest nor an actual Safe, but much better than the average RSC, and you can add as much carbon steel or stainless as you please. The most common methods used by thieves to open the cheap RSCs are to pry them open, cut a hole in them or hammer the seams open. With the average break in lasting only
  3. When I was his age I had already inlisted. And had a job starting at 12. To much spoiled time on young men's lives today. No real men to challenge and be examples for many of our young men.
  4. If a steel safe is secured to the floor and wall properly I doubt it would be pulled throught a wall, who has that kind of time. There is on most steel safes a hardened steel recess frame that would inpeed a saw. If someone wants to get into your safe it will be by the lock. one should have theft insurance for your weapons anyway.
  5. Wisdom is your shadow my friend,you know far more than you give yourself credit. Young men raised by fatherless homes with out a strong male figure for guidance are the ones doing the shooting. If this is not true then why are they all young men doing the shooting. Young men on behavior drugs.
  6. Lemme guess here, this "associate" is a Lib? Well, we need meat to survive the long, cold Winter. Let me pull out my pecker and go kill something. Sigmund Freud was a f**ked up little weirdo too when you get into some of the theories he advanced. I still say it's because kids are alienated (shit, even when they are being interviewed on the television about the shooting, some are still glued to their smartphones), and all the pharma drugs they put them on at an early age just because they fidget in the classroom a little. I am sure he could have as most in the fed are in my ex
  7. Talked to my mother in MN yesterday as the news was breaking. She asked me what I thought , I told her It was most likely a male troubled teen with family problems and probably bullied. One Associate one time told me that young men who question their manhood a gun can become their new penis. Now it is turning out they knew about this kid and never approached him. 14 people dead because FBI and others did not follow up. God help us. One report said he purchase the gun legally but other report say he might have been taking medication. This is going to be interesting.
  8. I have used a few but ballistic for I pad will give you all the things you are asking for. I have used the mildot for years just know that a FFP scope is the best. It is great for range finding just start building a object library so you can use your formulas. ( I always taped them to the side of my rifle) As for ballistic data most ammo manufacturing company's have the data on the box or web sites. However this will vary a lot as most purchased ammo is loaded by volume and not weight. To really get the best data for your ammo you will need a chronometer that you shoot accross to find your
  9. Doing okay. Coughing is about finished, getting a little stronger as well. Tomorrow I see the pulmonary doc and have lost some weight due to the wife's new diet for me. Starting to realize just how many people I have helped in my life. All the cards and well wishes is overwhelming. How most of them even found out about me is a wonder. Getting up at 9:00 am instead of 5:30 am has ceased to bother me. Life is good.
  10. Well I seams some people want me to come back when I am better. What is wrong with people! This got me so P O that the wife had to calm me down this morning. I do have paper work to do for a few months that I can do at home at my pace but then it's over. I cannot believe some people, I just can't. Sunday sucking coffee with the phone of the hook a new reality for me. I think I can get used to it.
  11. What adapter did you go with? Have you been happy with the fit and function? I'm wanting to do the same. I used a Cannis and it works great Had to mill the trunion but that was nothing also made my own bullit guide I think they redesigned it now I heard they run about $130, got mine on a deal for $69. I run magpul with no problems. This is my favorite gun in fact it is the only 556 I have. Locks in tight and removes for Saiga mags, but I never use them any more. Good luck
  12. Another case that is probably about "Dad left Mom to raise a girl who hates every thing but saving the whales ". I am surprised he did not scratch the shop owners eyes out when he would not play his game. Spoiled goth chick with a dick, God help us.
  13. I have a folding stock on mine ,to me a must. Also adapted it to take ar mags (clip if you are the media) Just love it.
  14. By the way dose anyone here need their a/c or heat fixed by a lawyer. Call 1800 babe!
  15. Time to cut the muzzle shroud off and thread it. As for the hand guard I always like it and never found a reason to change it. I have a 556 and it is one of the best guns I have Great price .
  16. For that kind of money you could get a kit and have more fun that last longer
  17. By brain surgery are you referring to a .22 caliber injection at the stem? That’s the only cure I know of, lol. As long as there are results.
  18. It's just not gun stores. Last year at a 7 eleven I had one violating a trespass order in the store swearing at the clerk. I just walked up to him and said leave sir just leave. After a few bad words he left . Most of these people need a job and brain surgery
  19. First shop I went to yesterday, a little hole in the wall LGS called Revered Firearms here in Mobile, AL.I noticed it and gave it a once over on the counter. It kept calling to me all day long as I wandered other gun store looking for a new wheelgun. I went home did about 10 minutes of research, called the shop for a couple details and then excitedly drove back to get her. I like when things go that way. It's like it was meant to be
  20. Been playing since I was 14, just built up a new strat that I got from a local pan shop and it turned out great. Upgraded my studio software in December and got a new keyboard for it. Just one of the things I like to do but had little time to do it. I honestly thought I would mis it more but all the paperwork cured me of that Life is good
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