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  1. I know man, I've since been looking for 1 and haven't been able to. CSS used to have them, I bought it from them lil more than a year ago...maybe they've been removed from sale to amateurs like myself. I googled the Tac47 magwell that Dgvyer recommended. It looks pretty cool, but replaces parts I've already bought. I'm going to research it a little more. Spartacus, I sent an email to Tom today asking if they still offer a mulligan on the LRBHO, waiting on a reply. I'm starting to entertain the idea of letting a professional mod it for me. Whata ya think it'll run$?
  2. Here is a picture of what happens when the slide friction pushes a shell forward of the LRBHO. It goes just slightly out of reach of the LRBHO and then the slide catches. I don't have this problem without the magwell. If you'll notice, I didn't have to notch the mag. This, in my opinion, is a bad way to get this to work. (I've heard of others doing it) The LRBHO already presses down the shell when you insert a mag, notching the mag only makes it worse and makes the slide close when you seat the mag. So I bent the beak upwards and then the tip of it down. The reason I had to bend the tip is
  3. Alright, I think I've uploaded some pics to the forum, lets see if I can insert them correctly. Cool beans. This is my bolt which I had to take a good bit of material out of to clear the LRBHO.
  4. Hey dgyver, I remember when I bought the Cadiz LRBHO it said he would replace 1 for free. Did you make use of that guarantee? I hope I still can, its been over a year since I bought it from CSS. I have been fighting with this gun for a while, I take a notion to work on it and get discouraged, then store it away. I don't remember if it cycles well with just the Magwell. I think it does cycle by hand, but I doubt I ever fired it. I'm using SGM 12's. I have 1 shaved down that I used to place the magwell the first time. In that instance, the mag was very loose in every direction. It would
  5. Well, 26 views and no replies. I've spent a good amount of time reading up the "magwell" situation and think I'm gonna leave it off. I guess I'll just have to keep the foregrip forward and suck it up. What a waste of $100 on the Magwell. (and time) Glad I only shaved down 1 mag.(another $45 wasted) On the bright side I will still be able to use my MD drum Sigh, now to re-disassemble my gun and plug weld some more screw holes.
  6. Hey Guys, I'm having some issues with my S-12. ...Where to begin? I have an S-12, I have move the trigger group. I have installed the Cadiz LRBHO. The LRBHO was a big pain in the ass to fit into the gun. I have got it working fine I think. I may have shortened the "beak" too much. Using 2-3/4 shells, I think the slide action pushes the shells forward in the mag resulting in the LRBHO catching the slide when there are still shells in the mag. I had to shorten the beak though just to get it to work. Maybe I need to run 3" shells...BUt, This only happens with the JTE magwell installed. When I t
  7. Ok, Greg at Carolina Shooters Supply just cleared up my questions with the LRBHO. He replied to an email withing 20 minutes, dude rocks! Hey Greg, I was wondering 2 things. -Does the LRBHO also have a bolt release integrated? -Is the LRBHO gonna work with the JTE Magwell I ordered? 7:17 PM today Yes for both. Thanks, Greg 7:36 PM today
  8. I have that release on my gun. Love it. Is it the CGW that CSS sells? Better yet, where can I get it?
  9. Shadoh, So you are saying the LRBHO that CSS sells allows you to release the bolt via the stock BHO? Not racking the bolt? If so...I'm really stoked
  10. This is what I want. Notice the bolt release! Crap! I don't think what I ordered does this.
  11. For me, the LRBHO would be my signal to reload, I have never been good or praticed to count multiple shots quickly. I guess the key is practice. It would be nice to have a bolt close button. Does the LRBHO also allow you to disengage the bolt?
  12. Well, I just ordered all of it so I'll find out if they work together. I hope I hope I hope....
  13. Hello All, I am tricking out my S-12. I want some input about some accesories that I've seen recently.I started modding my gun and ran into a problem with the MD-20 drum, it has to be rocked forward so far that my forearm grip is in the way. My grip has to stay where it is,(for comfort) so I decided to do away with the drum and get the JTE Magwell. Now, Carolina Shooters Supply has a part that holds the bolt open after the last round is fired; simular to AR's. I like this idea but I was about to buy the JTE Surefire Magwell.... Will these parts work together? And, would the "LRBHO" make the J
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