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  1. Great suggestion on the Stoeger. Thank you. Price is definetly right
  2. Awesome!! Thanks everyone for the great pointers. That's exactly what I needed. Whenever you see people ducking and running, you will find me. Magoo.
  3. What are the sphinx doing here in Alabama?

  4. Im looking to get myself and my eldest son into sporting clays. I have had a limited amount of hunting as a youth and adult (rifle and shotgun) but nothing consistent, though I love going. I thought getting into targets first would be the best start. I could use some guidance there on building skill, distance, etc. Went to the gun show last week and saw many different options, so I could use some guidance there as well. Out of the gate, my budget is about $1,000 for a shotgun. Since we are novice, is there a good versatile shotgun we should look for? Any assistance is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance. Magoo
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