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  1. Why would Fox be flipping now I wonder? They're one of the very few conservative news organizations in the country and the highest rated in cable news if I remember correctly. So,why the change? They've still got programs like Hannity,Tucker,Judge Janine and that show with Martha MacCallum, so that's good. I've been watching OAN (One America News) lately.They're pretty good and seem to be conservative leaning.   

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  2. I love Street Outlaws,watch it all the time. Also watch Diesel Brothers,but not nearly as much.I hope Richard gets drug like a muthafug.He's alright I guess,he just seems to be all about the $$$ aspect of it, which is fine. He just doesn't seem like he's willing to get his hands dirty building anything,he just pays someone to do it. Something tells he knows little more than I do when it comes to cars, which isn't alot. Chief,Shawn and crew know cars/motors top to bottom,actually build them with their own hands, and seem to genuinely love what they do.  

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    I was looking at some of the rifle kits on the PSA website. Is there any reason NOT to get one of those? If I did, the only other thing I would need is a lower of some sort,correct?

    No, other than the fact that I've seen some of those kits on sale for less. Item 7781383 is actually a pretty nice deal though.


    And yes, all you'd need is a lower and a sight/sights.



    On the uppers,some of them say mid-length gas system,while others are carbine-length.Is one better than the other or are they about the same?   

  4. Thinking of getting my first AR-15. (yeah I know) I'm mostly an AK guy and have been putting off getting one. I've been looking at the S&W M&P 15 Sport II. I have heard that it's a decent entry level AR for the money. From what I have seen they go for around $500. What are your thoughts on the M&P 15 and is there a better AR that you guys can recommend for about the same price? Thanks in advance.  

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  5. The entire left media establishment is still weeping uncontrollably, rending their robes, and gnashing their teeth due to their spectacular failure to frighten, intimidate, and strong arm the American electorate into surrendering our national identity, and most basic freedoms to the bankrupt cause of totalitarian globalist socialism.


    I actually got up this morning thinking about the 'identity politics' of the left. The very term 'identity politics' means just one thing - industrial strength institutional political bigotry and outright racism. It is in effect an unyielding political scorched earth strategy which seeks to elevate selective groups and classes of people by seeking to demonize, denigrate, and marginalize other groups and classes of people.


    That the left actually came as close as they did to destroying the very foundations of our republic continues to give me pause. Watching them melt down in despair and disbelief over having failed does bring some satisfaction. It also betrays the extent to which they hate our freedoms, and the lengths to which they will go to subvert and destroy our sovereignty.


    We just came closer to losing our republic than we have at any time in our history.  We must remain vigilant.



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  6. Day 2 of the Wisconsin recount has resulted in a gain of 3 more votes for "Her"!


    Unfortunately, Trump gained 6 so "She" has lost a net 2 votes.


    And PA is out of play.  The judge stated that he was forced to follow the law, regardless of his personal feelings.  Obviously the fact that he added that qualifier was intended to show that his personal feelings don't agree with the law.  Hey judge asshole, you knew the rules when you put on the robes.  If it's a hardship to rule according to the law, go back to being a crooked lawyer.


    I think we can expect a better result in MI where the recount will be 100% by hand.  I'm sure they'll find up to a million new vagina votes in Detroit alone.


    I thought the MI recount was already finished and Trump won.....again.  

  7. Why is she demanding a recount anyhow?  No way she can win the Electoral College Vote.  Why are they even letting her start the process of a recount?  She can not win.  Also ... is it true she alone, (or devices that lets her control) gets to keep all the money she raises for a recount ... after all the lawsuit expenses and bonds have been paid?  If sosss, how and why is she receiving all the fund raising?


    Looks like even to my feeble mind that this is not her at all, but the evil commies who do and will not just drop dead and understand that our Nation has just undergone a Second Revolution?  She is just a paid-for traitor to our Constitutional Process?  And she gets to keep the spare $change$?  Used to be traitors were treated quite harshly.  Why not today?  Somebody needs to demand explanations.  sad.png


    It's just like Trump said,it is a scam.They are going to pocket a nice chunk of the money they raised. A recount will do nothing except yield the same result and Hitlery will lose.....again. The democratic party has been hijacked by socialists/commies. Hitlery has gone rogue and she's wearing a Jill Stein mask.She played innocent during the election,but after being exposed,her true nature has come out. Along with her sheer arrogance,the DNC,MSM,and all her special snowflake followers had her convinced that she had the election in the bag, but after being rolled by the Trump train and buried under an electoral landslide, she's extra salty.  


    I read somewhere that the recount process in PA won't be as straightforward as the other states, and that it might required an additional $4 million in taxpayer money to accomplish. I'm not sure how accurate that is though.  


    Every single day I am reminded of just how monumental this election was.  As Trump's appointments roll out I "literally shake" at the thought of what hitlery's picks would have done to this country.


    Future generations may just look back at 2016 as the year we saved the Republic.

    The louder the left screams, the better Trump's pick.  By that, I think he's doing a great job!  It's also generally the way I vote.  If your enemies are vehemently opposed to it, chances are it's a good thing.


    I think a deal was made to get hitlery to conceed.  No prosecution for no contesting the election.  I think she realizes her days of being able to walk on liquid shit are over, and she'll do anything to stop from sinking into it.  And Sessions is standing there more than ready to pour the concrete.


    The Clinton Foundation's donations have dropped 35% so far.  I hope they drop to $0! 





    "I think a deal was made to get hitlery to concede."


    Either that or Trump is playing it coy until he is actually in office to pursue criminal charges so that Obamao won't try and pardon her.

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  9. I researched it for you:


    Under a federal law known as the safe-harbor provision, a state must determine its electors six days before the Electoral College members meet in person. In 2016, that safe-harbor deadline is December 13, since the college votes on December 19.





    Well,that's if there was a tie,which obviously it was not,Trump clearly won.  

  10. They want to have the electoral college subvert the election, so its not over yet.


    I remember reading that somewhere too. Is it possible something like that could actually happen though? What if Obama tries to sign some kind of insane executive order? We all know he has basically thumbed his nose at the Constitution and has been out of control when it comes to that.These last couple of months of his term could be very dangerous. He might try to pass all kinds of sketchy legislation under the table. I wouldn't put anything passed him.  

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    I just don't understand not voting. We bitch endlessly about losing Constitutional rights, but it's not a Chinese menu, where you pick one but another. Our fathers, grandfathers and other ancestors fought and died to secure this right for us. Honor them! Take an hour, get off your ass, put down the computer, and VOTE! Don't try to calculate where your vote will make a difference. Just by showing up you show you are interested.  If everyone waits for everyone else to do it, it will never happen. I've voted every time, primaries and generals, for 40 years.

    I applaud your enthusiasm but you really dont know what your talking about...I live in Oregon and my republican vote is nullified....that the way she goes

    in oregon republicans vote for the down ballots



    See,this is why I question the fairness of the electoral college.Why not elect the POTUS by popular vote?  

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  12. Trump is not a statesman or refined politician and has his warts but at least he supports the Constitution, the Second Amendment and conservative justices on the Supreme Court.  In Hillary's world all things liberal are good as long as she gets to be queen.  She certainly believes in and practices elitism.  She is so hungry for power she would kill her own mother to become President.  She is one evil woman!


    Some may disagree,but Trump seems like he actually cares about the country and it's people. He rubs some people the wrong way, but I don't think he's inherently evil like Hillary. For her it's more about selfish ambition.This campaign is her "swan song". In her eyes, if she loses yet again, her entire political career will have been for nothing because she couldn't "win the big one".  

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