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  1. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2016/07/15/military-coup-underway-in-turkey.html
  2. The Clintons are thumbing their noses at us,the American people,essentially saying we can do whatever we want, not have to face any consequences, and there's nothing that you can do about it. However, this plays in Trump's favor in my opinion.Hillary has pissed off ALOTof people,especially after this last stunt. There are ALOT of Bernie supporters that can't stand Hillary because she essentially stole the nomination from Bernie and will vote Trump just out of spite.
  3. She's cute. I wouldn't mind waking up to that English muffin every morning.Depending on the region of the UK, I find women with British accents incredibly sexy,while others can be downright annoying.
  4. The popular vote is just a show of numbers. It's not how Hillary will be elected. The Electoral College will do that. Actually,I believe Trump is going to win.
  5. Absolutely not!That question was rhetorical and not, necessarily, aimed at you. God Bless you and yours! No worries. Thanks,same to you.
  6. The Orlando shooter was on the terror watch list at one point, and for good reason,but what exactly is the criteria that a person has to meet to be put on the list. I just assumed it was for those who showed signs of some form of radicalization and/or has ties to terror groups, but that system could be used as a form of gun control.They could put just any average joe on there if they wanted to. Absolutely not!
  7. I guess I just haven't been keeping up with things like I should, I didn't know this. Someone on the terror watch list can still legally buy guns?! WTF?! Are you kidding me?!
  8. I can't even get on the SGAmmo site.The connection keeps timing out and I get a message saying "this site cannot be reached". That's the first time I've ever had that happen.They must have some seriously heavy traffic.
  9. Or it could work in Trump's favor due to the fact that he wants to ban muslims from entering the country until they are vetted properly. Maybe the security staff were the first victims. Man,your not kiddin', DOH! I need a cup of coffee.
  10. Security must have been very lax for someone to get in with a long gun. I imagine the club was packed and there were several through and through shots.
  11. "Whatchu talkin' bout Willis?"
  12. I would rather not use them, but there is a particular muzzle device that I want, but it's out of stock in the thread pitch that I need. However, it is available in other pitches and I could use an adapter to make it fit my rifle. I'm just wondering if using a thread adapter could possibly have a negative affect on accuracy. Thanks in advance.
  13. Only 5-600 rounds of mostly low brass? There is no way the recoil spring already needs to be replaced. When did you start noticing the feeding issues? Make sure it's on the proper gas setting. (1) for full power loads (2) for low brass Try cleaning out the gas ports - remove the gas puck and use the plastic brush that comes with the gun, run it down the gas tube and barrel several times where the ports are to remove any carbon build-up. Also clean the puck.
  14. I have some of the Hungarian 20 rd. tanker mags that I bought a couple years ago. They're great for shooting prone. I think I paid about $20 each for them. The're going for twice that most places now, that's if you can even find somewhere that has them in stock.
  15. Even the new production ones? I heard the older KCI ones are crap.From what I've read the new ones are supposed to be better quality though. I was actually considering pick up some of the new 20 rd. Korean steel mags. Are they made by the same company?
  16. I ended up using Evapo-rust. I'm not sure what's in it, all I can say is... IT WORKS! All the rust in that area is gone. I had tried standard WD-40 and then some WD-40 rust release penetrant, but they didn't do anything. I just let the Evapo-rust soak for a few hours, then wash it out with a water hose, blast the area with compressed air until the metal is bone dry, then sprayed it with high-temp engine paint. Done!
  17. I'm sure you're probably right, but little nitpicking stuff like that bugs the heck out of me. Plus,I don't want what is now surface rust to possibly become deep pitted rust in the future if it goes unchecked, especially on the front trunnion of all places. it would take a decade of salt water to make that part fail Well,that certainly puts me at ease. I might just degrease the area and spray it with a rust inhibiting paint that matches the factory finish as close as possible.
  18. I'm sure you're probably right, but little nitpicking stuff like that bugs the heck out of me. Plus,I don't want what is now surface rust to possibly become deep pitted rust in the future if it goes unchecked, especially on the front trunnion of all places.
  19. Thanks for the heads up! Well,I poured generous amounts of boiling water into the area, and it didn't budge, so I'm chalking it up to surface rust or maybe a rust stain(?) I'm almost tempted to send it in for warranty work, but I'm not sure if they would do anything with it that I can't just do myself, and without having to wait weeks,possibly months to get it back. I'm considering using the Navy Jelly. Will it remove any of the factory finish that it comes in contact with? Obviously,I don't want that.
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