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  1. I hardly ever drink anymore, but I do love me some Shiner Bock.
  2. I can't believe nobody tried to help the poor gentleman. I'm wondering if a person(s) would be covered under something like a good samaritan law in this scenario if they shot those savages? (I counted 7 of them) This particular case was in Chitcago, so of course they probably don't have one. Plus,everyone is unarmed anyway,except the criminals.
  3. My feelings precisely. Below is my 'hand select' grade MKIII purchased from AIM Surplus about a year ago, which I sent off to be reblued and NOVAK sights installed (and some other things done to her): Wow, NICE! What kind of hammer is that you swapped the factory spur one out with?
  4. What's the big deal with Browning Hi-Powers? I know they're legendary, but why exactly? I've never shot or even held one.(obviously) Is it because they're considered collector's items due to being rare? They're SAO pistols,right? I'm a southpaw as well. An ambi safety would be nice.
  5. I've been saying basically the same thing for years. with some of the modern 9mm +p and +p+ loads and the quality of hollow points they have available today, the ballistic difference the 9mm and .40 is almost negligible. The .40 does have a little more energy, I will give it that.
  6. So, LE is doing away with .40 as their standard issue? (interesting) What caliber are they going to, .357 Sig?
  7. That's about right. It does take some getting used to. On the plus side, the CZ "inside the frame" slide design gives the pistol a very low bore axis.
  8. I find that if I turn the pistol sideways and grab the slide with my thumb and index finger, I'm able to get a much better grip on it.
  9. A friend of mine from high school had an old Volvo diesel that his parents gave him, it had over 500k miles on it. It smoked like a chimney, but it was still going. I read in the news a fews years back about a guy from Canada I think, he topped a million miles on a Chevy/GMC pickup with a Duramax in it.
  10. The ergonomics on the CZ are fantastic,fits my hand like a glove. It's just the trigger I can't seem to get used to.Maybe I just need to shoot it ALOT more.
  11. I have a CZ 75 PCR 9mm. I love everything about it, except I can't, for whatever reason, seem to get used to the dadgum trigger, even after about 350 rounds. Usually the more I shoot a pistol, the more proficient I become with it, but that doesn't seem to be the case with the CZ. I've been wanting to get a single stack for CC and I've been considering a Walther PPS. The only drawback that I can think of is,first and foremost, mag capacity.Then again,I've never shot or even held a PPS, so there may be others, I don't know. So, what do you guys think? Would you do it? Oh, and I can onl
  12. What kind of fish is that in the second pic? Are they good to eat?
  13. Pretty lady you've got there,congrats man! No woman wants my sorry ass.
  14. If so,would you recommend them over a traditional IWB holster? Any particular brands? Thanks.
  15. Truly disgusting! At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if Barry comes out as gay, and Michelle that it was born a man.
  16. It looks like that bullet is key-holing at around the 0:27- 0:29 mark. Also,it doesn't seem like running an AK without the gas tube is the best idea. It seems like it would put undue stress on the gas piston where it connects to the carrier, although I know it's just for educational purposes in this instance.
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