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  1. its a Tapco intrafuse. its not that hard to install and they come with all necessary hardware, mine took alot of fussing and wiggling, and some swearing, but it fit, and i like it alot!
  2. ive put at least 600-700 rounds through it since the conversion, about 200 since i installed the MB and red dot, around 1000rds total since i bought the rifle. i cant believe the difference in performance. i was smokin clays at 100yrds last night at the range. by the way your vid on cleaning really helped me out when i first purchased my rifle, thanks!
  3. well i took my conversion a bit farther by cutting my barrel shroud revealing my threaded barrel. i attatched an AMD muzzle brake i blued myself and secured with loc-tite. also attatched a quick-detatch side rail mount and a truglo red dot. also picked up some matching tapco mags.
  4. where did you find them for $30-$40? ive only seen them for $100+, except for cheaper knock-offs.
  5. http://www.mojosights.com/ I am returning the micro click version and getting the shorter standard version without the click wheel. The shorter version worked fine on two other rifles. thanks, i think im gonna go with the original one too, i hardly ever shoot past 100yrds and if i do, i plan on getting some optics soon anyway.
  6. mine was centered too, a little farther away from the barrel. i dont think it has to be perfectly centered, mine had a couple hangups manually cycling rounds after to test it, but worked fine after test firing 100rds, i think they just need to be broken in a little.
  7. decided to convert instead. check out the pics.
  8. absolutely. i feel a bond with this weapon that ive never felt with any other, lol. seriously though, im really glad i went this path.
  9. this is my first restoration of my first saiga 7.62.
  10. thanks! couldnt have done it without all the help!
  11. heres mine, pretty basic for now, but still sexy...
  12. i guess the only way they (BATFE) would know if your barrel is threaded would be if you had the shroud removed, and if you have the shroud removed you'll most likely have a US muzzle device, so i dont see how it would be an issue. besides i think most people who convert their rifles are over the legal requirements anyway, having 3 US parts in the FCG, plus the stock and handguard.
  13. finished my first one last night. im sure it wont be the last, as i now have images of a restored s-12 running through my head....
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