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  1. Russian / Bulgarian or build your own.......billet w/steel and aluminum tubes, and extra beefy hinge I built these for my personal 8" s12's It took a lot of time.
  2. ramlake

    OD of s12 barrel, inside the front trunnion?

    Hard chrome
  3. ramlake


    Did you make that plate? The one at CSS is a straight rectangle without the notch. Yes, but the vendors plate can be fitted. By recessing the plate flush to the reciever you can really penetrate into the thicker tang area and create a really strong weld.
  4. ramlake


    Just be careful cause your probably not going to be happy with a muffler shops weld on that rear plate!
  5. ramlake


    A good welder won't roll the bead over the edge of the reciever then grind and grind till the ends are rounded and without definition. Ask the welder what weld prep for the plate is needed for good penetration You can see a 45 degree all around the plate. And don't forget about the buttstock angle you prefer. I like parallel with the bottom of the reciever, some like parallel with the barrel. finished with plenty of penetration especially around the tang area for strength. Crisp edges, a factory look.
  6. ramlake

    anyone chop there S12 to 18in

    After building a dozen or so 8" s12's for my personal collection I've only built 2 SBS's without relocating the gas system These are 14.5" length barrels and they did need work to cycle bulk pack WallMarx ammo Even cutting 1" usually creates the need to tune http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RcRyhtrLl8
  7. ramlake

    anyone chop there S12 to 18in

    cut it down to 13 inches, with that length you won't have to screw around with making the gas port larger.......Do What?
  8. ramlake

    Will there ever be drums to fit the magwell?

    Izhmash magwell and molot magwell yes. Does exist for quite some time already. Magwell drums as well as a conversation kits. Not sure about other magwells. yep but for the Maxround / AA drum It can be done for the MD20 but definitly not for sale
  9. ramlake

    Saiga 12 RSB and gas tube upgrade?

    I have done several of my own with removable gas tube and handguard. Although dinzags does not have lever release gas tube it's absolutly worth every penny as far as labor and material cost
  10. ramlake

    Stock handguard with lower rail...

    Add your own
  11. ramlake

    Gas port sizes...

    I have 21 saiga 12's and 20 of them have 4 ports at .073....this includes many SBS's Going too big invites fouling issues
  12. ramlake

    Relocating Gas Block Rearward

    No need to remove barrel Use an expandable collet or turn soft jaws, grab it by the I.D, and use a steady rest. Make a light qualifing pass end and then hold it on the O.D with 3 jaw. Turn the barrel back for the gas block then part off at the desired length. Setup on the I.D again and thread so the bore and threads will be concentric. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpHDwXN1hnk Many of the forum business members can easily do this for you also.
  13. ramlake

    saiga 12 with ak47 upper and lower forearm grips ?

    That's cool Mine also slips in exactly as the stock gas tube block does but to keep it from cantilevering up at the front I tiged a small fillet on thr trunuin just as legion does. There are several popular legion modls that they just set the modified AK RSB on top of the barrel and weld on thr existing gas block Factory Mine
  14. ramlake

    saiga 12 with ak47 upper and lower forearm grips ?

    Welding to trunuin is an acceptable method. Legion has been doing it for years on dozens of models. All of the new legion models with AK RSB's, including the Iz433 / 030 for example use this method also. I'm not sure on Superhawk138's I had to build my own for my own projects.
  15. ramlake

    saiga 12 with ak47 upper and lower forearm grips ?

    I have seen your work before superhawk138 and I am very impressed! You wanted it bad enough and you did it, lookin Good!