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  1. Hey Pauly, If you still live near me in North Portland, I'll come over and help. I'm a carpenter and have some skill in shop work. No charge. Be well, Will
  2. It wasn't Pauly that answered the door. I had Pauly work on my S12 a few years ago but because I lived near by, I delivered and picked it up directly from him. Be well, Will
  3. Interesting…I went there a few weeks ago and spoke with a young man that said he (not Paul) has been living there for two years. He said Paul used to live there. Be well, Will
  4. Could this be the resurrection of Paulys' Steelin'? Hope things are ok with you, Pauly! P.S. Still haven't shot my S12 you did such a fine job on. Took your advise and changed out the OD Green furniture and made her Black! Oh, and an Ace folder! Be well, Will
  5. Pauly…Pauly…Pauly... ... .. . Be well, Will P.S. Anyone know if he's still in Salem,Oregon?
  6. Pauly, You did great work on my S12 a few years ago! If you're still in Portland, message me and let's see if we can get something/anything done. I live on Atlantic Ave just off Lombard. I will keep all comms. confidential. Be well, Will
  7. Sorry guys! I just got back from where he 'used' to live. New owner said he moved two years ago. Be well, Will
  8. Geepers Odd Man! Keep your panties on! I'll pop over there this afternoon. Keep you posted. Be well, Will
  9. I live two blocks from Pauly! I had him install a vertical charge handle, glass bolt, etc…Excellent work! But that was two years ago. Pm me if you want some help. Be well, Will
  10. Now that's mo' betta! I have the Ace folder on mine, after futsin' around with a plastic tapco. Nice work! And not a bad narrative either. Be well, Will p.s. think about sending some of the internals to Pauli. The guys' a magician!
  11. Right. IMHO, if you are buying the s12 in the sporter config. ( no conversion ) then Century is fine. But my experience in buying some AK 74's from them converted, is that they change out the barrel from chrome lined to not chrome lined. Welcome to the forum. Great stuff here. Will
  12. Aaah...don't get too serious. There's a lot of good info on this forum. And we're mostly good guys. Go through some of the older threads and you'll probably find a dozen different answers to your queery. Those of us that have done our own conversions, found the sticky 'how to do its' and jumped right in. It ain't rocket science plus you'll get the satisfaction that you did it yourself. By the way, Welcome to the forum! Will
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