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  1. Thanks my fellow Texan and "Saigapathic Maniac" I hate to ask another dumb question, but do the tabs that are bent on top and bottom point toward the breech? (like that sig line BTW)
  2. Hi all. First I want to thank the admins and members here. I have learned so much over the years and this forum has been extremely valuable. I'm truly grateful. I'm in the middle of trying to finish a long drawn out Saiga 308 conversion. In the process, the metal "o-ring" gasket got taken off the gas tube and I don't remember how it went back on. [insert embarrassed look here] (I tried to do a search here and youtube but was unsuccessful) Can someone please either explain to me, or point me to a pic of how this gasket is oriented? Because I'm sure I probably have it backwards a
  3. My first Saiga 12. Selph Arms LLC did the conversion, and the O.D. Cerakote. I took it the rest of the way, and polished the insides to cycle low brass. (Thanks Erik Taylor) I also OD'd on the O.D. green, and painted my drum...8) Chaos up front (with a cheap foam BMX handlebar grip) Ace folding stock. Go Gun trigger guard, and backplate. Hogue Grip. Gunfixer plug. Puck ??? Tapco trigger. Magpul rail covers (aka the most expensive piece of plastic in the world) Cheapy holo sight. (I know.....Don't put a 50 dollar saddle, on a 1000 dollar horse) Got to take it to the ra
  4. That's OK. I'm glad you replied. I would have never got to see your avatar, which in a sense....has scarred me.
  5. Thanks Nailbomb, This is the kind of info I was looking for. I'm not sure what kind of steel the bolt carrier is made of, and if the difference in the two would ...well....make any difference. I am used to welding fence posts, not intricate stuff like this. Thanks again for the recommendations. Still trying to determine if this is something I want to tackle myself. Your info certainly helps me weigh the decision.
  6. Hey all, First let me say thanks to all those who have contributed to this great forum. I have learned a lot, and have really enjoyed it here. I am at the point of wanting to put the final touches on my S12 conversion, and was wanting some advice. I am wanting to attach a stainless steel skull on my charging handle, but am wanting to do it a bit differently. I love the tromix skull, but do not want a Galil (sp) type setup, as I think it would interfere with my holo sight. Plus I wanted something a little more low profile. Basically like a knob at the end of my original charging han
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