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  1. Beware of the Century bulgy 5.45 rifles. It is hit and miss with them. Mine doesn't keyhole all the time but will through keyholes at times.
  2. rigrat

    AR Mag Adapter

    I agree with Cobra really liked following this thread in the beginning before all the petty griping. Good luck MSA, you will get it back on track despite all the nay sayers. You have a good crowd of members in your corner.
  3. rigrat

    Bye Bye

    The SBR Draco's are sweet and I would like to have one. But if ya don't like the Draco no sense in keeping it.
  4. Doesn't matter who you are you, everyone can try and be civil when trying to get there point across.
  5. I think a 20" cut to 18" and converted would be a good barrel length.JMO
  6. Well aim small, shoot small, or that's the saying. Yes I know a Ak isn't a tasrget rifle but if you are using a 4-6 MOA dot you are already loosing accuracy. That being said have a 4.5x14 Muller set up for my 5.45, but haven't gotten around to trying it out yet. I prefer the red dot though. I think a ideal scope would be a variable 1x4 or up to a fixed 4 power for the AK's
  7. YWHIC, Can't answer any of your questions, but have you entertained the ideal of making a spacer for the Draganov stock? You could make a spacer of wood or even use a cutting board about 3/4" to increase your LOP. Just a suggestion as I like the Draganov stocks.
  8. rigrat

    AR Mag Adapter

    christcorp, Give it a rest, I think everyone sees that MSA is busting his hump to get things done and quickly. Hard to work that many hours and still be as polite as he is. I think he is doing a great job rebuilding his rep.
  9. Nice GTwannabe, I really like the OD furniture you used on the build.
  10. Sounds good. I have a scope ready to try the accuracy of mine on the same mount, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Sounds like you got a good shooting little 5.45, hope I can get groups that good at 100yards. I need to try and snag me a couple more 10 round mags when I get some more money. I did take a 30 rounder and made it into a 20 rounder. So that gives me 5-30, 1-20 and 1-10 round mag. Curious was you shooting off of a bag? I plan on trying mine off of a rest to taker out my error to see what it can do.
  11. Change iout the FCG with the Tapco retain the linkage so it will work, forearm, and you could even do the gas piston if you wanted to. Would be no harder to do than a conversion.
  12. I would like to know why it is the worst out of 5 rifles. Out of my two the Saiga and the Century, my Saiga is my best. It would be interesting to me what 5 brands youi have and how you rank them. The worst part about the Century is the barrel, I have re-crowned it and that seemed to help as it cut the group size in half on par with the Saiga. If they could find a decent US barrel to use in these builds they would be pretty spot on. But it seems that the barrels vary widely as some have allot of keyholes , some have a little like me, and some have none. I will also say my front sight on the Century is slightly canted.
  13. I have both and like both. What I don't like about the Century is it keyholes whenever it wants to. Mind you not always but it does keyhole at times. Others have got good ones and others have got worse keyholers than I did. Kinda like playing the one arm bandit. You win some and ya loose some, so goes Century Bulgy 74's.
  14. Thank you imarangemaster, at least someone knows what is going on. Ya have to forgive Sal he is a typical yankee.
  15. LOL, there is always Louisiana and Alabama. Imarangemaster , I hope it all works out for you.
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