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  1. Jeeze. Two weeks ago I traded my converted S308 with a decent piece of glass on it for an unconverted NIB S12. I only decided to go through with it after seeing the prices of S12's on gunbroker. Then Greg comes in and makes me bang my head into the wall. JK... actually got rid of it because I picked up a DPMS AP4 .308. Just ordered my conversion parts from Greg this morning!
  2. Nice looking rifle ya got there! Can I ask what kind of stock, buttpad and cheek riser/pad you're using. Thanks! I asked this on his picture at the top of the page, check the comments: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?app=gallery&image=3770
  3. Looks Good. How do you like that rear rail? How well is it holding zero? I had seen it on another website for sale, I was curious how well it would hold up as well as ease to disasemble. I haven't been shooting since i got it on there . There is a pretty large post on www.ak47.net regarding it: http://www.ak47.net/forums/topic.html?b=4&f=56&t=111659&page=49 Its pretty easy to take off and on and has no problems flipping up.
  4. Picked up a USPc today... hopefully get some time to pop its cherry tomorrow.

  5. Its not as green as the one you have but its not as dull as the tapco furniture either. I have a kvar stock and tapco handguard... the grip matches the kvar stock perfectly but the HG looks kind of shitty on it. There is a pic of my .308 setup on the previous page that shows it. The picture is kind of dull though. BTW, my .223 now:
  6. None whatsoever...I just bought the MOE stock/CAA tube kit from CSS and it all fit together perfectly, and feels and handles great. I had the tapco t6 before it and must say it is a VAST upgrade, and is very solid. Thanks btw... damn... i bought the tube/ctr combo from CSS and mine has quite a bit of wiggle in it. Thought that was just the way of the world until my buddy put one on his AR and the CTR locks in rock solid.
  7. Anyone know of any olive colored hand guards that will fit the .308 that aren't tapco or kvar (nothing wrong with kvar, just need something with sturdy rails). I really like the SGM quad rail I have on my .223 but I'm hesitant to paint something in the dead of winter (it'll be curing in my garage for months).
  8. I had to grind mine down a bit. Nothing drastic though, just had a take a lil bit off in a spot because a rivet was in the way of the plate sitting flat.
  9. What kind of bipod is that?
  10. I just put one of these on order about a week ago as well as the peep sight. Later received an e-mail: "Dear Customer, TWS is currently processing orders for the next batch of Gen2 Dog Leg Rails - with integral dust cover. Expected delivery time is approximately the second week of January. A Paypal invoice will be sent to your email address. Once payment is received, you will be guaranteed a Gen2 rail and rear peep from the next batch. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season. Regards, Mary TWS" Can't wait to check this thing out. I di
  11. Converted my .223 yesterday. .308 pictured above.
  12. I owe this guy like +6 for all the orders I've made that have arrived insanely fast with fair shipping prices. Awaiting the parts for my .223 that were shipped Thursday (as in the post office picked it up thursday, didn't actually hit the road until yesterday) and are tracking to be here when the post office guy makes his rounds today. I still shop around but usually find myself just ordering from there. Not to mentioned he's answered countless e-mails of mine in a timely manner.
  13. I'm in the same boat. Need my stuff to get here. Rifle is ready to drop that trigger in! I ordered: magpul CTR hogue grip CSS trigger kit and a tube for the CTR that mounts to the tang. All from CSS. I also requested an invoice for a texas weapon systems dog leg rail and peep sight but they still haven't sent me an invoice to pay
  14. posted edited due to second guessing myself and have no desire to pull my rifle out lol.
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