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  1. Ill look up adapter and I need find another 5rd mag to block as well
  2. They make an adapter or have barrel cut and internally threaded for the rem chokes
  3. Has anyone done this mod to there saiga 12 if so was it worth or have any ideas that work for chocking the saiga 12
  4. this wasnt that bad butyes you do have to get the citys permission and the cheif of police fill out 4 forms that are the same and have to have finger print cards and pasport photos attached to the forms and then 200 dollars and wait for an unexpecting phone call
  5. well that all went well didnt need anything and she was very nice and understandable now have to wait another 4 weeks to get license in the mail
  6. i dont have anything set up for this business yet i have been wating to hear back from them so i dont start something and they turn me down so if they are setting up an apointment does that mean it will probly be approved or do they make the final desision i am a little worried that i wont be ready for this or not have what they want
  7. well i got the call and now my first apointment is thursday i was wondering if anyone has any pointers or what is the first meeting like i was told it take about an hour to go over license and some other thangs anyone out there have any info on what to exspect thanks
  8. Oh the post 9/11 world. what are u trying to say Oh the post 9/11 world.????
  9. so do they always do a check in what kind of thangs do you have to have for them does it have to have own room gun cabinets can i have an idea and what do u tell the local law enforcement i dont have an hoa so that will be fine
  10. does any one have any good resorses to get your ffl find some online trying to sale starter kits but how true are these can someone send me in the right direction maybe send me down the same path one of u have taken
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