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  1. With a converted one and a bench I can pick which quadrant of an 8" Shoot N C target I want to hit, if I focus. The sights are the ones that came with the TWS rail and that made a big difference for me over factory sights. Mounting a scope doesn't help much. About 4" seems to be the limit of my system... for now. That's enough for 28 Days Later zombies, but insufficient for Romeros *shrug* Hint: stick to FMJ. I have a batch of Silver Bear soft points that get the tip smooshed into a wedge shape when passing over the bullet guide.
  2. How did I even see this to reply to it? Ignore me and everything I do.
  3. SGM Tactical has beaten you to the punch and already makes a 100 round drum magazine for Saigas. I have no idea how well it performs, but if looks could kill all the zombies would be dead.
  4. I will pick up some heavier fancy ammo and then try everything else one method at a time until something changes, even if that is expensive and potentially pointless! For science!
  5. I had it apart to clean it a minute before I posted that, and on my honor the firing pin of my 09 Saiga .223 is spring-loaded. It really is under a lot of pressure too; there's some kind of long washer in there to ensure that the spring around the firing pin is squeezed way down just waiting to fly across the room. My guess is that the manufacturers assumed we'd try to use brass-cased ammo in .223s and the Russians didn't want to deal with lawyer-happy Americans suing them, hence firing pin springs in Saiga .223s.
  6. So I finally scoped my Saiga using a generic scope on top of a sturdy TWS rail, and I was treated to the sight of bullets flying everywhere but where the crosshairs were pointed. I'm guessing 6 MOA with expensive ammo. Any improvement I could make would be good. Options for improving accuracy that I am aware of: 1. Recrowning with Dinzag tools Expensive, but doable and the crown looks a little rough so it could benefit. 2. Barrel lapping David Tubb makes ammo with lapping compound on the bullets. This has good reviews, and is supposed to work even on chrome-lined barrels. M
  7. To put it bluntly, the Saiga is a heavy pig firing a little bullet. The recoil is forgettable and IMHO not something you need to prepare for.
  8. The firing pin is spring-loaded, and will launch across the room with considerable force if released thoughtlessly. Part of the appeal of Saigas is that they do not seem to be very picky eaters. Feed it anything and don't worry about it. I have heard that it is a bad idea to use both steel and brass in one sitting with a variety of explanations for why this is bad, but I have broken that rule with Saigas and not noticed any problems.
  9. Mine has been through a whole series of mishaps, scratches and gouges. I really had no idea what I was doing when I converted it and I haven't been too careful with it since. It gets more beautiful every day.
  10. My first impression was that this thing is a beast of a gun, and my second was that I could get a whole pile of S12s for the price. The odd-looking structure on the bottom is not a pump. This is a semi-automatic shotgun fed by four feed tubes stuck together, and you rotate the whole magazine to the next tube once every four shots. The one I saw had a breaching brake for added beastlyness and was stickered for $2,500. The shop owner said these things are selling like hot cakes and that he can't keep them in stock. Then again, the guy also claimed the SEALs had just ordered hundreds of
  11. WhiteRabbit

    AKA 2300

    The handguard won't fit without a bolt-on handguard retainer clip and a new gas tube.
  12. You mean a fireball came out of the ejection port? What other ammo are you comparing it to?
  13. You're not allowed to tell us about something this good when we can't buy it immediately. It's not nice. It's not fair. I demand a free prototype as restitution.
  14. They feed when you take them to the range too? My Tapco Galils work, but my steel Galils like to jam towards the end of the magazine. I hear Orlite Galil magazines work better.
  15. For reference, the UTG MP5 aluminum tri-rail does NOT fit Saigas. I bought one because I had heard that MP5 handguards fit. Well, apparently that's only true of MP5 handguards that are made out of plastic; this one is insufficiently bendy to get around the thicker barrel near the receiver. Also, the Saiga handguard situation is different from most AKs. It's missing upper and lower handguard retaining brackets and the stock forearm mounts to the front trunnion and a (flimsy) pin that runs through the gas block. Timbersmith isn't an option unless you buy new brackets from Dinzag.
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