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  1. A shotgun is a firearm subject to the NFA if the shotgun has a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length or is less than 26 inches in overall length.
  2. hmmm, yeah. Well, they've been selling and eating bats since their ancient ancestors figured out how to net them. Nothing unusual there.
  3. Interesting. I'm wondering why. Also wondering what the specific advantage is over the basic .45 Colt round, other then the obvious chamber jump. The chamber jump has shown me a negligible amount of effective accuracy. I shoot it just fine. Actually, really fine with .45 Colt. And then there is the duality of being able to use the same rounds in my .45 Colt rifles.
  4. TBH, you'd be so much better off practicing "rock and lock" on a closed bolt. The bolt does NOT have to be open to load a magazine. Don't be intimidated doing a full stripping. It's really very easy. There are plenty of videos on Youtube on disassembly of an AK.
  5. The coyotes have been especially noisy and bothersome around here. The two-legged and four-legged varieties.
  6. You can remove the puck and weld the plug. That'll neuter it.
  7. Wishing all is well for our forum vendors. The way things are the online order seems the way to shop.

  8. If it's the factory puck it doesn't matter. I run the cleaner end toward the stock only to have it the same every time. Screw the plug all the way in until you can't. Back it out until the stop you want, 1 for high power loads and 2 for low power loads. The "play" is because of loose manufacturing standards. Have fun.
  9. $15.99 for a box of (5) Sluggers? :amazing: Since when??

  10. A polish job on the bolt will solve your dilemma. Look at some pictures of bolts on here that have been worked and the roughness of yours will be super obvious.
  11. Try not breathing and see her dilemma. Get a quartz heater for your radiant heat.
  12. Let's see what you got, evl.
  13. YOT


    That was burgers and dogs for a combined grand-kiddo's birthday party. Ribs for dinner tonight are in it as I'm typing this.
  14. Nomenclature ALWAYS lists front, rear, left, and right sides of a gun. No matter which way the gun is held or lain the labels are still fixed on those sides and ends. It's very elementary and constant. The little nub in the puck faces front, toward the plug. The concept is to increase the volume inside the the gas block to allow more gas surge to push the puck rearward.
  15. The spiraled grooves on the puck go to the front, toward the plug. I did not like what it was doing to the inside of the gas block. I used it for a very short time and saw no advantage over the original, but shiny spots inside the the gas block. To my knowledge shiny=wear. YMMV
  16. This explains a lot. I'd imagine a better explanation that most could reiterate. https://rifleshooter.com/2014/12/blueprinting-truing-a-remington-700-action/ and... Later on I can google up some stuff on pillaring and bedding for you.
  17. More and more ppl are fleeing this Godforsaken State than ever before, and for good reasons. King Andy has just announced his plan on a forth run for Governor. I too will sell off my property someday and leave, but as of now both I and my wife have family obligations to consider. Both of our elderly mothers are dependent on us, and they will not consider a big move like that.
  18. 200+ lb bear hanging in the neighborhood. 😏 The S-12 is ready with slugs. The Judge is ready with 250 gr. hollow points. It needs to know that I'm not gon.a play. My dog and my family are more important that season dates.

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