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  1. I picked it out, though. $159 at WallyWorld. Stevens 320 six shot pump. Imported by Savage and made in the P.R.C. which would explain the price point. It's pretty much a Winchester 1300 clone. I figured I have enough items for HD/SD but could use a good game-getter, and since I didn't have a pump shotgun I asked for this. She's a keeper BTW.
  2. Heavy, slow bullets hit hard. 250 grain .45 colt is one of my favorite bullets to shoot. The 26" barrel is 3MOA accurate at 100 yards and hits about 3.5" high at 50 yards. This is a really fun gun to shoot but a PITA to clean.
  3. Congratulations! I wish you the best in retirement and thank you for your service. I have friends who's son-in-law I believe is a DI at Camp Lejeune. His name is Sgt. T. Winney.
  4. 100 yards, semi-rapid fire 10 shot group off a rest. Ammo is 115 gr Berry’s Preferred Plated RN over 6.1 gr Alliant Unique hand loads. My hand is in the picture for size reference. I knew I had a couple flyers, but I’ll take minute-of-squirrel at that range any day with a 9mm.
  5. 😄 Screw him! And, as a NYer I say screw his dead father, too.
  6. On President Trump's last day in office my wife, out of the blue said, "You better go get that gun before you can't." I didn't realize that she even knew I had been pining for one. Three hours later and we're walking in the door with this... It's a NY Compliant Ruger PC Carbine in 9MM model 19101. The stock end is 20 3/4" and the barrel end is 16 1/4" when taken down. With the butt spacers (adjustable) as I have it set up it's 35 3/8" overall. Rang report: Because of my astigmatism I replaced the red dot with an old Simmons Deerfield 2.5 power fixed c
  7. YOT

    Selling price

    It's real, I know because I did a lot of the work on it. ☺️
  8. A shotgun is a firearm subject to the NFA if the shotgun has a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length or is less than 26 inches in overall length.
  9. hmmm, yeah. Well, they've been selling and eating bats since their ancient ancestors figured out how to net them. Nothing unusual there.
  10. Interesting. I'm wondering why. Also wondering what the specific advantage is over the basic .45 Colt round, other then the obvious chamber jump. The chamber jump has shown me a negligible amount of effective accuracy. I shoot it just fine. Actually, really fine with .45 Colt. And then there is the duality of being able to use the same rounds in my .45 Colt rifles.
  11. TBH, you'd be so much better off practicing "rock and lock" on a closed bolt. The bolt does NOT have to be open to load a magazine. Don't be intimidated doing a full stripping. It's really very easy. There are plenty of videos on Youtube on disassembly of an AK.
  12. The coyotes have been especially noisy and bothersome around here. The two-legged and four-legged varieties.
  13. You can remove the puck and weld the plug. That'll neuter it.
  14. Wishing all is well for our forum vendors. The way things are the online order seems the way to shop.

  15. If it's the factory puck it doesn't matter. I run the cleaner end toward the stock only to have it the same every time. Screw the plug all the way in until you can't. Back it out until the stop you want, 1 for high power loads and 2 for low power loads. The "play" is because of loose manufacturing standards. Have fun.
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