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  1. More and more ppl are fleeing this Godforsaken State than ever before, and for good reasons. King Andy has just announced his plan on a forth run for Governor. I too will sell off my property someday and leave, but as of now both I and my wife have family obligations to consider. Both of our elderly mothers are dependent on us, and they will not consider a big move like that.
  2. 200+ lb bear hanging in the neighborhood. 😏 The S-12 is ready with slugs. The Judge is ready with 250 gr. hollow points. It needs to know that I'm not gon.a play. My dog and my family are more important that season dates.

  3. Yep, in NY the blues took 17 out of 62 Counties in the 2016 Presidential election, yet we remain blue. Not only do those 17 counties have the most Democrats, some of them have more of a population than most of the red counties combined. http://alloveralbany.com/archive/2016/11/09/new-york-state-presidential-election-2016-county-r It's even worse for the Gubernatorial Election.
  4. I haven't bought anything in quite awhile. Yesterday I reloaded eighty five 30-06 rounds, though. Kinda feels like I bought a bunch of ammo.
  5. Hard to argue any of those. I like SA XD better than Glock, though. And, I need an AR in .308 to be my favorite.
  6. I believe there is a Federal Statute that you gun can only have a capacity of three cartridges total in your gun, while hunting migratory game fowl. Tube fed guns must be "plugged." Fines are heavy, I think $10,000, if you are caught violating. I'd be very sure before I brought any mags that hold over two. I had to cut a couple down to be legal. You also have to have a Federal Duck Stamp which is purchased at the Post Office for a hundred bucks or so. Most expensive damned critter meat there is, ya'know. As far as if the gun will work or not, choke it down and it's good out to 55 yards with the right heavy shot. There are also shot size restrictions of what you don't want yo be caught with. Really, look up the laws before you go.
  7. Checking in.

  8. Really sorry you're still faltering health wise. I'm surprised no one has jumped on the deal. I can't because of health issues, also. I wish you the best.
  9. Congrats to her on her success! And, does her fame and celebrity cause you to assume the role of Mr. Mom? Still the resident fish catcher and dinner cook, I'm sure. Miss your pictures, Chile.
  10. YOT

    What is your favorite Saiga 12 build ever?

    I have one of those. Thank you again.
  11. YOT

    Radically short Vepr 12 SBS

    Evl, why you're letting a troll bother you I can't figure out. That's outta character for you.
  12. YOT

    draco ak pistol legal NY?

    Especially in NY.
  13. Re-falling in love with my lever action .30-30, I'm lusting for a mare's leg for the first time in my life.


    1. Juggernaut


      I got a Rossi mares leg in .357/.38 Special.. Love it!

  14. Well, I paid $499 for mine without all the extra mags. That was about 10 years ago. Not sure I'd pay much more than that now. You may be better off selling the mags separate, and trying to recoup what you paid for the gun alone. I'm sure there are some here that may bite with the right bait. Good luck.
  15. Make it a good one, and thanks for your work here.
  16. I retired in April, mostly due to a major medical problem that won't go away without major surgery. I have not missed any part of that place. I'll be glad when the deductions have stabilized out of my pension, but we expected some income turbulence. We've spent more time in the camper this summer than we have at home. A test of sorts for future full-time travel. We're home now, for the winter most likely. Hopefully we can tie up some loose ends that will make next summer even better. Enjoy your retirement!
  17. YOT

    S 12 ready conditions

    Must be the plastic on Bianchi shells is sturdier than most. I've had the same five #4 Buck rounds in the factory mag, inserted in the gun for about two years and they'll still chamber without fail. I think I'll pick up some more of those. 😉Oh, one in the chamber with the safety on, like most of my guns. The deadliest gun is an empty one.
  18. I love living where I can pick off tree rats all year long. You'd think they'd learn that they can't out run a S-12.

    1. evlblkwpnz


      You'd love it more with a suppressed shotgun. I'm pretty sure the squirrels are smaller here and it would offer a greater challenge as well. So when are you moving to NE FL? We almost have seasons here and snow removal is done at absolutely no charge to the homeowner ;) 


      ETA: more coffee

    2. YOT


      Not sure that's where we'll end up. We have some family obligations now, but when the elders pass, we're hitting the road without plans. :)


    3. evlblkwpnz


      If Florida goes to crap I think I'm moving the shop to Montana. We hope to go check it out next year and hit Yellowstone. If that sucker is going to blow I figure we may as well be right in the epicenter, lol.

  19. Necrotic, sure. I didn't mind reading it though.
  20. I'm here, but not as ancient as some.
  21. It doesn't show on the bottom of posts.