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  1. My slug gun. New optics came in the mail today!
  3. Hmm.. that's interesting. I have a hammer that was pre-modified from CSS already. But I may grind and polish it down some more then.
  4. After conversion when it still had the stock handguard on it ran real good with an occiasonal FTE on the last round. After I put on the quad rail I started noticing it happen more frequently. Sometimes I can run through a few mags no FTE's at all and sometimes I cant even get through a full 5rd mag without at least 2. I shoot mostly slugs and 00buck from this gun. I have the worst result when using drum mags. I have both a Promag 12 and MD-20 and almost every other shot is an FTE, which is so frustrating I don't een use them at all. Do you think it really has something to do with the hammer?
  5. No greasing of the piston at all but I will admit it is a bit fowled up. I haven't cleaned it in a while, which is why my gas plug got stuck in the first place.
  6. It's a Chaos Extended Quad Rail. I don't know why my situation would be unique though with so many Chaos rail users out there. However I didn't have the same issue with the stock handguard setup. I'm probably just in denial cause I like the rail. I will try this weekend with the stock handguard as a baseline to see if the problem persists. Then I will try without the top piece of the Quad rail and see if that helps. If it is the top rail that would majorly suck since I had to dremel off the rear stock sight to install it.
  7. I will take it to the range this weekend without the top rail attached and I will report back. Thanks for the help!
  8. Thanks for clearing that up!! I never noticed it before! Sheesh I thought "how the hell did that hole get there??"
  9. I started noticing that my S12 was producing a lot more FTE's about 4 months ago. I could not for the life of me figure out why all of a sudden it started happening when my gun used to perform like a champ even with the cheap Federal bulk pack stuff. I thought maybe it was an issue with my quad rail because the empty shells would get stuck in between the ejection port and the top rail so I let it go (mind you I never tested it without the top rail after the FTE's started happening). I also thought that it could be a gas port issue but when I checked I have three gas ports and they were all cle
  10. Slug-O, here are instructions on how to adjust the spring tension of the Promag: 1. Remove Hex screw on the front and remove the clear cover by popping the tabs. 2. Remove the cylinder in the middle of the drum and the spring will also pop out. 3. Take a rubber mallet and tap out the follower on the cylinder. 4. You will notice the one small hole in back of the drum where one end of the spring goes and also several holes around the cylinder where the other end of the spring goes to create the tension. 5. To adjust, you just have to place the cylinder in there and rotate it until you get t
  11. Wow, yours is the first post that I have read regarding feeding problems with the Pro-Mag drum. Hopefully this is an isolated instance. Let us know how it shoots. Yeah just my luck. Hopefully it works now. I will let you know!
  12. I got my Promag 12rd drum a couple weeks ago from the e-store. It came with the front mag lip pre-filed AND it would not catch onto the mag release preventing it from locking in. So per the fitting instructions supplied by promag, I filed down the plastic at the rear and was able to finally get it locked in. However, because some of the material was pre-removed from the front catch lip, it also wobbled back and forth. My solution was to apply a small amount of JB Weld to the part of the lip that was filed off and once it set and hardened I took a file and carefully filed it little by little u
  13. Here it is. Finally got my Chaos Extended. It was well worth the wait! Only thing left is my MD-20.
  14. Very nice ad! Even better news is that I'm finally gonna get my rails!! I CAN'T WAIT. YEAH!!
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