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  1. I don't think the barrell is 16" long. Where are they measuring it from?
  2. I was wondering which AK parts might interchange with Saiga parts. I see on the EAA site, tho, that many parts are available for the Saiga -- altho not the bolt or barrel. I was looking at all the trigger linkage -- that is surely not common to an AK -- probably has to do with changes necessary in eliminating the handgrip / trigger setup. I have never had the opportunity to inspect a Saiga and an AK side-by-side. My understanding is that the only AK - style rifle currently allowed to be brought into the States is the Romanian version. Does anyone know if this is correct?
  3. This is getting off the topic of accuracy a little ways, but ... I have seen some Romanian "AK-47s" for around $330. From what I can see from photos, the action and barrel look to be about the same as the Saiga, other than the hand grip, and the stocks. I just wonder if the difference between the two rifles is these types of things? Of course, the Saiga will not accept the mags that the AK will accept -- at least not without modification. Will AK parts (at least some of them) work on the Saiga? Scope mounts? I have never taken my Saiga down beyond taking the bolt assembly out and s
  4. When I first got my 16" x 7.62, I thought it was a little rough -- the trigger creep was pretty pronounced and it sent the first couple of shots from each clip flying wide left. However, after having run about 160 rds through it -- primarily Wolf -- it has smoothed out somewhat in the trigger department, and the flyers have disappeared. It will put 5 out of 5 in a 2" bull from 50 yards, fired over a rolled-up jacket. Moving out to 100 yds, using open sights, I spray them out a little -- about a 4" group, primarily spreading them vertically as opposed to horizontally. This is no doubt a com
  5. I can find Saigas in 223 with only 16" bbl. Is a 20" mfg in 223?
  6. Just to compare the two side-by-side, I took out the Saiga and one of my SKS's (a Yugo) this evening. The SKS has a better trigger and shoots into a pattern half the size of the Saiga at 100 yards. The Saiga is still fun to shoot -- it has more muzzle blast and recoil. If you lived somewhere you could hunt deer with it, I think it would be fine. I don't know if one would need 5-shot clips to hunt .... Probably would. For my .223, though, I think I will go to an AR-style rifle. To me, that first shot is the important one, even if you are just punching paper.
  7. Mine is a 7.62 with a 16.3" barrel. I do not like the flyers, which is why I am considering something else in the .223. I do not know if they make a Saiga .223 in 20". I had thought about an AK74, as they seem to be pretty dependable, but the 5.45 ammo is hard to find. Pretty much ruled that out. Another weight on the Saiga side of the scale: Wolf .223 ammo is 2.79 a box at Meijer's stores. I do not think it is advised to use this ammo in the Rugers or in the AR-15 types. But, I would rather spend more money and get something that is consistent. Although -- I
  8. Don't know how they do with scopes -- I just got this at Dunham's, and they do not sell accessories. Have not found anyone but mailorder who carries mounts.
  9. I recently purchased a Saiga in 7.62 x 39. After the first firing, I found it necessary to move the front sight to move the point of impact to the right -- at 50 yards, it was shooting several inches L. Moving back to 100 yards, I found that I needed to move the front sight a little more. During this initial sighting, I was firing one shot, then another -- very slow firing. I discovered that, from a cold barrel, the first shot impacts to the L of the point of aim. Subsequent shots move to the right. Firing my first full clip in close succession, I discovered that I could get groups
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