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  1. I now have 5000 Berdan primers. Now I just need to figure out what to do with them.

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    2. timy


      You should be able to sell it to a reloader if you don't plan on getting into it yourself. I've got thousands of empty 223s too.

    3. HateTheSnow


      While you "can" reload berdan brass, its a slow and painful process depriming spent shells. 5K is a lot of berdan primers, but if you have the brass, make up some SHTF load-out packs and sell the rest.

    4. timy


      Well FLTF3, I figure if folks are going bonkers over 22 LR, then I might just load anything that sits still long enough.


      I agree with what you are saying "in normal times" but am about ready to reload 7.62x54R. LOL!

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