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  1. Thirty Two years for me and I'd be lying if I said it was always a smooth ride. Congratulations on an extraordinary job by the both of you.
  2. All you need to do is wrap a few rounds of electrical tape on your stock and the pad won't slip off any more. Plus, it's still easily removed.
  3. G-kids are SO much more fun than kids. Trust me on this one.
  4. Not sure what parts you have but most people prefer cutting out the square hole and mounting a regular (internal) AK pistol grip nut. It's a stronger setup than the nut built into the guard. That being said, I lazied out several years and installed the one built into the guard on my S12 and have had no problems with it.
  5. Pics or ban. The absolute last thing I would do is post up pictures of my family or loved ones for guys to perv over. Hell, I will. Proudly presenting my granddaughter Amy....
  6. My time is too precious to watch almost a minute of brainless drivel. I do hope she got around to mentioning World Peace though.
  7. Safe/fire. An individual preference, but either works for me. Curiously though, I have seen several pictures of lower SN#s and they are marked "5'56 caliber". Mine is marked 'Multi Caliber' which I strongly prefer since I'm building a 6.5 Grendel on it. Yes indeed, it's a stripped lower. They have just gotten into production but do plan on complete rifles at some point.
  8. BCI Defense out of Indiana is now manufacturing AR lowers. I got #238 and the fit and finish are superior to most lowers I've seen. Easily outclassed the Rock River and Spikes lowers I compared it to. Best part is that it was only 138 bucks, so prices seem to be returning to sane levels. If you want a quality lower that almost no one else has yet, you should check them out. Tim
  9. By no stretch of the imagination is an 870 Remington garbage. Still, I won't buy anything with their name on it again. They chose sides, and in my opinion, the wrong one.
  10. Since the end of the first Civil War it has been taught that the right side won for the sake of preserving the Union. I've always maintained that centralizing power was the worst thing that could happen to our country. The Union is seeking to become a monolithic, all controlling entity and not surprisingly, battle lines are remarkably similar this time too.
  11. Sadly, you're right. Too many LEOs are not honorable at all. They become police officers for the sole purpose of abusing their authority. "Baby Steps" are coming soon.
  12. Oh the insensitivity! Oh, the inhumanity! I agree, BTW.
  13. Already got a PX4 and will seriously consider their other offerings. We all need to support the manufacturers that support our rights.
  14. I have really got to get off (or on) my ass and do "Baby Steps".
  15. Great price, especially in these trying times. I'd get it if I had the spare money. Alas, I don't at the moment.
  16. I didn't bother to check the response because I'm not interested in what he has to say. Conservatives/2nd Amendment supporters however, should never forget and never support him by watching any of his movies again.
  17. Guess Obama should put his daughters up there to explain why they don't need guns.
  18. Here's something to make ya feel at home... Junior had a dad with the same name?
  19. With government subsidized ammo? If so, Utopia is truly at hand.
  20. Afraid? I was anticipatory. For me.. It's "must have big boobs"... After that, all else is negotiable. Which reminds me of the time (one of many, actually) that I would have been better off keeping my big mouth shut. My wife is shall we say, not overly endowed in the mammary gland department. We got on the subject one time and she used the standard "more than a mouthful is a waste" response. I replied "Well yeah, but what about less than a mouthful?" Not surprisingly, her glare was a touch frosty. Guess I'm just a slow learner. It was funny at the time though.
  21. No way in hell will I be putting one on any of my weapons. Bayonets are dangerous!
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