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  1. I hope the feed lips & rear lug are metal or reinforced with metal.
  2. Its an AR15 grip by the Ergo brand: ERGO Tactical Deluxe Grips with Palm Shelf www (dot) ergogrips (dot) net
  3. I would love to see a picture of this cut/perm V12
  4. My 1st Izhmash magwell mag that I got was new, sealed in wrap it did not have the metal feed lips piece. Luckily I noticed it right away because I tried loading it immediately. I purchased it from this e-store & they replaced it thankfully. I have heard that some are looser than others or don't lock in as high but have not heard of any feed issues until now. These mags are too $$$ to have any issues. I hope you get it resolved.
  5. I had an RX30 on one of mine right after I got it. Used a cheap riser on the Tapco stock. Did not experience any problems with ejection. Ended up deciding it would be great for competition but was overkill for me at the time & did not offer enough advantages in my opinion to keep it. It was big on an already large & heavy firearm. I shot mostly buck & did not have any problems with the sights. I ended up selling the RX30 during a fund drive.
  6. I ordered all of my fine & cheap MD Arms grips straight from the man himself, Mike Davidson - MD Arms. www dot mdarms dot com. I ordered some recently & it appears they have all colors in stock now.
  7. Thanks for the info & pictures PapaZorro. I notice plenty of unique parts in them they we in the US don't see too often.
  8. Thank you Jack for all the information you provided as well as the picture. For a short time I was considering a thumb type safety but after realizing what had to be done & how it actually operates I realized that for me it would be more of a hindrance & possible safety risk as well. I also mentioned the cross-bolt safety that everyone has been waiting for in another thread on another forum. But I could not find any detailed information on it or any close-up pictures on how it operates. True the speed mag release is very neat but both versions appear to almost block the left side of the safety. I also agree the Krebs selector is great & also really like the Vepr-12's extended selector. Hmmm a extended Krebs type selector that you could somehow operate with your finger and/or knuckle... And Jack I really admire your products & have your grip on my Saiga 12.
  9. I ended up selling the RX30. I originally tried it on my Sig556s & while it did work with a AR type stock - It was too high for the folding Swiss stocks. I tried it on my MSAR that I put off selling until the panic. It fit well on the MSAR & I was going to put it on a AUG A3 that I was planning until I preordered the Tavor. I ending up passing on the Tavor & still have not picked up an A3. It bounced from gun to gun. So I sold it & figured down the road I could pick up another possibly. While it is big the main problem is that is very high, the bottom of the almost two inch circle objective sits like an inch above the rail. Also now that I am getting older I find that I prefer & need some sort of magnification on a rifle. It is a solid optic & I would recommend picking one up used to save some cash. The RMR is also another great choice that I was also considering.
  10. Had a RX30 on the fixed stock for a bit, sat pretty high & had to use a check riser. Was pretty big, too big & I realized that I shot mostly buck & did not need a sight to hit anything.
  11. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/32100-how-to-install-the-porkypine/
  12. Hello. I would like to know more about the Vepr 12 competition models/custom shop safety & lack of selector. I have read numerous times for the desire of the cross-bolt safety modification. I would love one as well as it seems more familiar to me than the traditional ak selector or even the modern Bulgarian ak/galil/fal type thumb selector. But I have uncovered very little evidence & information about this safety mechanism. From the pictures I have found it does not resemble a traditional cross-bolt type safety. I can only really see one button on just the right side. On the left side it looks like just another filled pin hole & it looks like it is blocked by the extended thumb mag release. It almost looks like there is no safety at all. On Molot's website catalog - Мечта IPSCшника Ствол 430 мм Уважаемые клиенты, наконец, в нашем каталоге появилась эта долгожданная модель - ВПО-206СП. Чем замечательна? Судите сами: :: Переводчик огня заменён кнопочным предохранителем (по типу Вепрь-Супер) :: Кнопка сброса магазина :: Расширенный металлический приёмник магазина :: Дублированный рычаг взвода затвора (Левосторонний) :: Стандартный УСМ заменён на спортивный УСМ с коротким ходом :: Цевье ВПО-205 сб.17 заменено на гладкое от РПК - Цевье СОК-1В сб.16 :: В продолжении цевья приварены расширители для более удобного хвата при стрельбе :: Штатная планка вивер заменена металлической :: Складывающийся приклад заменён на телескопический приклад фирмы Magpul с буфером отдачи В комплекте 2 магазина по 8 патронов Подробнее: http://molotarms.ru/index.php?p=shop&action=showproduct&id=431&cid=18&pname=karabin-gladkostvolnyi-039-vepr-12-molot-039-vpo-206-430-dlya-ipsc Translated to - Dream IPSCšnika 430 mm barrel Dear customers, in our catalog has the long-awaited model HPE-206SP. What is remarkable? Judge for yourself: Selector: replaced with either a fuse (according to the type of Boar-Super) : Reset button shop Metal receiver: Advanced store : Dubbed the cocking lever bolt (left hand) TRIGGER: standard replaced by sporting USM short stroke : Foregrip VPO-205 sat. 17 replaced by smooth from the PKK-Foregrip JUICE-IB sat 16. : In a continuation of the forearm are enhancers for better grip when firing : Native Rod Weaver is replaced by a metal : Folding Buttstock replaced with telescoping Buttstock with a Magpul company impact Complete 2 store 8 rounds Read more: http://molotarms.ru/index.php?p=shop&action=showproduct&id=431&cid=18&pname=karabin-gladkostvolnyi-039-vepr-12-molot-039-vpo-206-430-dlya-ipsc "Selector: replaced with either a fuse (according to the type of Boar-Super) : Reset button shop" --- Reset button??? Please share whatever information & pictures you have on this subject.
  13. Interesting. Is the stock welded as well? Thank you for the pictures. A great deal with the extra rails. I have the railed gas block & still have not decided to get the railed hand guard. I like the way they look but I am sure I would not like they way they feel with recoil. Have the idea of having the barrel chopped with a GK01 or clone & add the gas block then.
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