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  1. i would call css!i`am sure greg has the answer to your question!
  2. all i can tell you is that the guys at spike`s tactical are great guy`s,i was at the tampa ,fla, gun show about a month ago and they let me play with his personnel acr and grenade launcher.he spent time explaining everything to me and i couldn`t spend a dime at the time,as i spent all the money i had on 7.62&39 ammo.their products are top of the line and their guys are also!
  3. i`am guessing you have an explosives license?that`s some powerful stuff!be safe.
  4. knuckle dragger,it`s nice!;but someone is getting bent over hard and must like it!
  5. as long as there are muslims;there will always be a reason for russians and the world alike to train in anti-terrorism!sad,but true!
  6. he is alway`s on time!alway`s ready to help!
  7. too funny!you should have held out to see how much you could`ve got for the toe`s and the coat hanger!they do work?ha!ha!
  8. agreed!at least in the state of florida that a temporary restraining order is the first; and the best way to make the court believe your case!men can be asshole`s;but women are genuinely crazy!ask your mom!you can simply give your firearms to an Anonymous person!best to tell your judge,court system;that you`re in fear for your your life from this person!if you don`t do this first,then you are a fool;and will have a hell of a time convincing a judge that she is not a victim!men are alway`s percieved as the agressor!take your chances;but they will lie to you like they always do,will!it`s a natu
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