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  1. Dugiskull, you can use JB Weld to fill in the area between the front of the trigger guard and the back of the mag catch assembly. After it sets up, sand it to shape and paint it. It makes a big difference in the look. You need to bend the front of the trigger guard to make it fit as parallel to the mag catch assembly as possible for the best look. Just a suggestion. I did this to both my .223 and 7.62 conversions.
  2. I like the look of your conversion. Is that butt stock aluminum or steel, and is it an open channel type construction? Is the butt plate smooth or like a Bulgarian? I was just curious how strong of a stock it is. Is the PG one of Tapco's "Saw" type grips or one that RPB makes? Ok, no more questions.
  3. Medic203

    223 mags

    I have found some at gun shows for $20-$25. I like them because they take less time to fit to the .223 Saiga than the EGs. I find that more work has to be done to the steel ones. Also, the Bulgarians, at least the ones I have, haven't needed the bullet guide. Thje Weigers most definately need one installed. So, I have ordered one so that all of my mags will work.
  4. gkp, the polishing may help, but the real problem with the Saiga is the linkage. From everthing I have heard and experienced, the only way to really improve this is to got with the conversion and install a new fcg like Red Star's. I have a 20" 7.62 that has improved with time as well as a new 16" 223 that I plan on doing conversions on. Parts have been ordered. Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck.
  5. Bulletstopper, I couldn't agree more. I picked up a 16" .223 last weekend for $215 plus tax, NIB. US PG conversion parts and EG mags have been ordered. It will more than likely be my primary .223. Took it out today and put 200 rounds through it. It was flawless!! I just wish I could put a flash hider on it. It is really one of the best deals around.
  6. deecee, the first round flyer may be due your bolt locking up a bit differently manually than it does when cycling during normal firing. This could improve with use. As far as sight adjustment, have you invested in one of the front sight tools that are like a "C" clamp? They do make adjustments a lot easier. What barrel length do you have? I have a 20" that is pretty accurate for a 7.62X39. You mentioned considering buying a .223. I picked up a 16" .223 Saiga at a show last weekend. I also picked up a 30 round waffle Bulgarian mag, that with a little filing worked perfectly. I have ord
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